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All posts containing original Over the Monster YouTube videos are found here.

YouTube: Finding Power And Patience For Boston

The Red Sox are in need of some more pop in their lineup, but will they -- or should they -- get it this winter?

YouTube: Josh Beckett Placed On Waivers, Could Be Traded

Josh Beckett, who is struggling in 2012, was placed on waivers by the Red Sox and could be traded this month.

YouTube: Ciriaco, Punto, Or Valencia At Third?

The Boston Red Sox are in need of third base help with Will Middlebrooks out for the year -- who already on the roster can help?

YouTube: The Red Sox And The Trade Deadline

The Red Sox are in a weird situation this July, thanks to a middling record combined with a strong core.

YouTube: Is Ryan Sweeney Going To Be Traded?

Ryan Sweeney is a useful outfielder for the Red Sox, but maybe that's exactly why he could be the one headed out of town as soon as this weekend.

YouTube: Franklin Morales, Starting Pitcher?

Franklin Morales hasn't been a regular starter for three years now, but that doesn't mean he can't go back to that role.

YouTube: Ryan Kalish To The Rescue?

Boston's outfield is still having injury issues, but Ryan Kalish might be able to nullify them further.

YouTube: Dustin Pedroia's Torn Thumb Muscle

Dustin Pedroia's torn thumb muscle creates questions about what to do with him in the short- and long-term of 2012.

YouTube: The Red Sox Crowded 40-Man Roster

The Red Sox have 47 players between the 40-man and 60-day DL, and that means moves will be coming in the near future.

YouTube: Daniel Bard, Pitch Counts, And Bobby Valentine

Daniel Bard threw far too many pitches on Monday against the Rays.

YouTube: The Red Sox Bullpen Without Andrew Bailey

Andrew Bailey will miss significant time in 2012, meaning the Red Sox need to find a new closer.

YouTube: Jon Lester's Command Problems

Jon Lester's command was off in 2011, and failed him down the stretch, but he's aware of the issue.

YouTube: Felix Doubront's New Mechanics

Marc talks about Felix Doubront's new mechanics and what he could mean to the 2012 Red Sox.

The Over The Monster YouTube Channel

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