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OTM Roundtable: Which prospect are you excited for?

Among those who could make their debut in 2021.

OTM Roundtable: What’ll be left in spring training?

Predicting how slow the offseason will continue to be.

OTM Roundtable: Individual Resolutions

What should certain players be focused on in 2021?

OTM Roundtable: A post-holiday view

What will things look like in a couple of weeks?

OTM Roundtable: Free agents beyond the top tier

A look at the secondary free agents of interest.

OTM Roundtable: What to do in the outfield?

What’s the process?

OTM Roundtable: What will we be thankful for?

Which moves are we hoping for?

OTM Roundtable: Rating excitement for the Alex Cora hiring

Where does the staff land on the move?

OTM Roundtable: How many pitchers?

What should the Red Sox be looking to add?

OTM Roundtable: Who’s on the block?

Who would we shop this winter?

MLB Roundup 10/28: The Dodgers win the World Series

And, depressingly fittingly, there was a COVID controversy in the midst of it.

OTM Roundtable: The Pick 5 Edition

We’re playing too. Sort of.

MLB Roundup 10/23: Gold Glove finalists announced

And the first free agent signs.

OTM Roundtable: Who are you extending?

That is, in the fictional world where that’s actually your decision to make.

MLB Roundup 10/14: The Braves and Rays do it again

Both teams are on track for sweeps.

OTM Roundtable: Which rule changes were good?

If any.

OTM Roundtable: Who do you want to see win?

It won’t be the Red Sox, so we have to find someone else to root for.

OTM Roundtable: The biggest positive of the year

What was there to celebrate?

OTM Roundtable: Concern level with J.D. Martinez

It’s been a rough year for the slugger.

OTM Roundtable: Who will make an impression?

It’s audition time!

OTM Roundtable: Grading the deadline

How did the Red Sox do as sellers?

OTM Roundtable: What happens after the deadline?

We know who’s on the table, but who fills the potential holes?

OTM Roundtable: Who are the untouchables?

Assuming no other team loses their minds, of course.

OTM Roundtable: How to handle a short season

It’s a complicated question

OTM Roundtable: Who has changed your opinion?

It’s only been 12 games, but sometimes we can’t help to make rash judgements.

OTM Roundtable: Confidence in Ron Roenicke

How are you feeling about the manager?

OTM Roundtable: How is the year going to go?

It’s prediction time!

OTM Roundtable: Who are you excited to see this year?

We asked which Red Sox player we are most excited to see.

OTM Roundtable: Favorite Yankee

The question everyone hated.

OTM Roundtable: Most Memorable Red Sox-Yankees Moments

Not including the obvious.

OTM Roundtable: Who’s the next MVP?

OTM Roundtable: Favorite baseball video game