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OTM Roundtable: Who’s stood out?

We’ve seen a lot of new faces. Did anyone stand out?

OTM Roundtable: The new expanded roster rules

Are they good or bad?

OTM Roundtable: Who’s the biggest boost?

Among those who are not here.

OTM Roundtable: Is Chris Sale definitely the best starter?

Probably, but let’s find out for sure.

OTM Roundtable: Who’s the most important player?

Someone needs to step up.

OTM Roundtable: Where do the Red Sox stand?

Are they still ahead of the Rays?

OTM Roundtable: Where do the Red Sox need the most help?

If you can only address one position, what is it?

OTM Roundtable: Bold predictions for the second half

What will happen over the final stretch of the season?

OTM Roundtable: Who should be Boston’s first pick?

A simple question ahead of a big weekend.

OTM Roundtable: Who’s an All-Star?

We know two, but who else will make it?

OTM Roundtable: To Derby, or not to Derby?

That is the question.

OTM Roundtable: What’s the deadline priority?

Where should the front office focus its attentions?

OTM Roundtable: Is now the time for Jarren Duran?

The question is becoming more and more burning.

OTM Roundtable: What to do about the trade deadline?

Where is this team right now?

OTM Roundtable: Ranking the rotation

How should we feel about this group the rest of the year?

OTM Roundtable: Where do the Red Sox stand in the American League?

Is their record reflective of where they actually stand?

OTM Roundtable: Are we done with the three-man bench?

This is becoming a personal crusade.

OTM Roundtable: What happens with Franchy?

A look down the road at the struggling Red Sox outfielder.

OTM Roundtable: Which prospect are you watching?

Outside of the top ones.

OTM Roundtable: What to do with Garrett Whitlock?

What’s his short-term and long-term future look like?

OTM Roundtable: Early season opinion swayers

Who’s shifted opinions a couple weeks in?

OTM Roundtable: The Rafael Devers defense question

What’s his future at the hot corner?

OTM Roundtable: The bold predictions edition

The staff makes their bold 2021 predictions.

OTM Roundtable: Predicting the season

Where will the Red Sox finish?

OTM Roundtable: The most exciting spring

Who has opened eyes the most down in Florida?

OTM Roundtable: Waving the magic wand

Stealing a mailbag question for the roundtable.

OTM Roundtable: Who’s the closer?

It’s seemingly the closest thing to a camp battle the Red Sox have this year.

OTM Roundtable: What are you looking for?

In spring training games, that is. In life, well, probably speak to a professional about that.

OTM Roundtable: Grading the offseason

Spring has started, so it’s time for one last look back on the winter.

OTM Roundtable: The start of camp

Who are you looking to hear from?

OTM Roundtable: Looking back at Dustin Pedroia’s career

Obviously this was going to be this week’s topic.

OTM Roundtable: Grading the moves

How did we feel about the most recent flurry of activity?


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