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Red Sox Review

2022 In Review: How Big Of A Piece Is Reese?

Reese McGuire seems to be the Red Sox primary catcher. Is this a temporary fit, or will he be a mainstay behind home plate?

2022 In Review: Is This All There Is For Alex Verdugo?

Our 2022 In Review Series tackles the fading former prospect.

2022 In Review: We Still Don’t Really Know How Good Kiké Hernandez Is

But he could be one of the most important players on the 2023 Red Sox

2022 In Review: Dalbec in Disarray

Is there a future — or even a present — for Bobby Bombs on this team?

2022 In Review: Will Chris Sale Ever be CHRIS SALE Again?

If Chris Sale can once again become one of the best pitchers in baseball, the 2023 Red Sox will be a whole lot more interesting.

2022 In Review: Is John Schreiber For Real? (Please, Can He Be?)

After a strong showing in AAA in 2021, John Schreiber became, perhaps, Boston’s most reliable reliever in 2022. Let’s appreciate that and try not to ponder the reality of a repeat performance in 2023.

2022 In Review: Oof, It’s Time For The Ryan Brasier Article

The Red Sox bullpen certainly showed both its flaws and opportunities to be better in 2022. Ryan Brasier definitely presented both of these.

2022 in Review: Tanner Houck’s Slider Slaps, But Is That Enough?

With big ups to his nasty slider, Tanner Houck cemented a late-inning relief role before an injury cut his season short, but his long-term role is still up in the air.

2022 in Review: Time Is Running Out For Jarren Duran

A once highly-touted prospect, Jarren Duran still shows some flashes of brilliance, but they are quickly being overshadowed by his limitations. Can he become a more dependable everyday starter?

2022 In Review: The Bionic, Mediocre Man

Is Nick Pivetta good? We’re not sure, but he’s definitely taking the ball.

2022 in Review: Brayan Bello Showed His Exciting Potential

Bello might still have work to do, but his first season in the bigs was a great start.

2022 in Review: Garrett Whitlock Does It All

Whitlock was solid as a starter and great as a reliever, but maybe it’s time to officially pick a lane for the 26-year-old right-hander.

2022 in Review: Matt Barnes Does A Jekyll And Hyde Impression

Matt Barnes signed a contract extension in 2021 just in time to start performing a lot worse. He may have cleared some issues up by the end of 2022, but where do we go from here?

2022 In Review: Trevor Story Rode The Rollercoaster

The Red Sox signed Trevor Story to be a star last offseason. At times, he looked better than advertised and at others, he looked like a bust. Throw in a dash of solid defense and effective base-running and you get a decent season overall.

2022 In Review: Rob Refsnyder, Platoon Sergeant

Rob Refsnyder was better than ever before in 2022. What can he parlay this into?

2022 in Review: Rafael Devers Showed Why He Deserves to Get Paid

With a contract extension rumored to be in the works, it’s the perfect time to look back at what was another great season from Devers, even if he disappeared for a month.

2021 in Review: Garrett Whitlock exceeded all expectations

Adding Garrett Whitlock was a great move and it came at the expense of the Yankees. What’s not to like?

2021 in Review: Alex Verdugo was equal parts frustrating and clutch

The left fielder continued to make progress at the plate but needs to tighten up his defense and baserunning to become a reliable player on a nightly basis.

2021 in Review: A step back for Christian Vázquez

Coming in with high expectations, Christian Vázquez was the rare disappointment on the 2021 Red Sox.

2021 in Review: Phillips Valdez regresses

He was a solid depth arm, but nothing more.

2021 in Review: Josh Taylor’s emphatic resurgence

Taylor became a weapon in 2021, highlighted by 26 straight scoreless appearances over the summer.

2021 in Review: Kyle Schwarber made Waltham proud

He was a gamechanger in the second half.

2021 in Review: Hirokazu Sawamura’s MLB debut

It wasn’t always great, but there was plenty to like.

2021 in Review: Chris Sale had some issues, but showed promise in return

There is some optimism for the southpaw heading into 2022.

2021 in Review: Eduardo Rodriguez and his very strange season

Was he good or bad? Who’s to say?!

2021 in Review: Hansel Robles was erratic, but mostly effective

It never felt comfortable, but it usually got results.

2021 in Review: Garrett Richards was all over the place

He evolved from an up-and-down starting pitcher to a substanceless reliever who helped keep the team afloat during a chaotic stretch run.

2021 in Review: Hunter Renfroe brought the power

Hunter Renfroe mashed dingers and threw runners out all season. What more could you ask for?

2021 in Review: Kevin Plawecki played his role

And also started the post-homer celebration.

2021 in Review: Nick Pivetta exceeded expectations

He wasn’t great my any stretch, but he was serviceable.

2021 in Review: Martín Pérez had his moments, but eventually faded

#PérezDay became less of a celebration as the year went along.

2021 in Review: Adam Ottavino was steady, if unspectacular

A fine, nondescript season out of the bullpen.