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Red Sox Podcasts

An MLB Season Preview!

The annual division-by-division and awards prediction extravaganza!

Shohei Ohtani Is The Greatest Baseball Player Of All Time

ESPN’s Joon Lee Joins the Pod to talk about Shohei, the WBC, and Chaim Bloom.

Masataka Yoshida’s Moment, the WBC Final, and the Yankees’ In-Flight Wi-Fi

The Pod On Lansdowne sing the praises of the Macho Man!

The Red Seat Podcast: So, Who Is In The Red Sox Rotation, Anyway?

Jake, Keaton, and Bob rundown the fifth starter race, 40-man roster decisions, and "leadoff by committee".

Miguel Bleis, Backyard Baseball, and Steven Tyler

It’s mailbag day with the Pod On Lansdowne boys!

The Red Seat Podcast: AL East Preview

Jake, Keaton, and Bob discuss who’s hot and cold in spring training, a top-to-bottom preview of the AL East, and give their division predictions.

Vegas Does Not Like The 2023 Boston Red Sox

The Monsters Of Sox Podcast is back with gambling talk, plus a rundown of the World Baseball Classic.

Chris Sale, the World Baseball Classic, and Caffeine Habits

The Pod On Lansdowne fellas play a rousing round of Who He Play For, MLB edition!

The Red Seat Podcast: Spring Training Takeaways

Rotation unknowns, stacking lefties, and potential prospect breakouts

The World Baseball Classic Is Great — But It Should Be Even Better

The debut episode of the Monsters Of Sox Podcast talks the WBC, the pitch clock, and the actual first day of Spring.

The Pitch Clock, Matt Barnes, and Uncle O’Grimacey

The Pod On Lansdowne boys have some thoughts on these new baseball rules.

John Henry, Alex Verdugo, and Alternate Uniforms

The Pod On Lansdowne guys are in need of new alternate threads—and new toes.

Are We The Drama?

Enough with the offseason drama, let’s see some baseball games.

Spring Training Vibes Check

Which Red Sox players have the good juice heading into 2023?

Kiké at Shortstop, The World Baseball Classic, And Twitter Jail

We’re entirely convinced we could lead Ireland to a world championship, by the way.

How Bad Was The 2022 Red Sox Clubhouse?

Plus, we remember some of the most infamous "clubhouse cancers" in Red Sox history.

Pod On Lansdowne Talks Farm Systems, MLB Realignment, and 80 For Brady


The Red Seat Podcast: A Mike Trout In The Lineup?

Jake, Keaton, and Bob try to fit the puzzle pieces of the lineup and rotation, while using the words risk and volatility a lot.

Who Is The Best Hang On The 2023 Red Sox?

Plus, who will have a bigger impact on the upcoming season: Richard Bleier or Adalberto Mondesi?

Pod On Lansdowne Opens the Baseball Twitter Hall of Fame

Immortal online posts, Richard Bleier, and Vegas win total lines are discussed on the latest episode.

Adam Duvall Could Be One Of The Best Pickups Of The Entire Offseason . . . Or He Could Be A Total Disaster

How concerned should we be about Adam Duvall’s wrist injury?

Pod On Lansdowne Talks Duvall, Alfaro, and Ginger Ale

Plus: have you ever thought of a Colorado Rockies-themed roller coaster before? No? Well, get ready to do so.

Is It Going To Be Awesome?

Jake and Bob discuss the Trevor Story situation and Chaim Bloom’s "awesome" Rafael Devers press conference.

When Does The Window Open?

The Red Sox aren’t trying to win the World Series in 2023. But they won’t come out and say that.

Trevor Story, Tanner Houck, and Death Itself

The show from out of left field gets real with the only other sure thing in life besides taxes.

Pod On Lansdowne Talks Devers, Eovaldi, and Prairie Dogs

The show from out of left field is over the moon following the big news this week!

The Clouds Have Lifted — But What’s Next?

The Red Sox cornerstone third baseman will be in Boston through 2033. So what does the Rafael Devers extension say about the Red Sox now?

New Year’s Red Sox-lutions

Justin Turner, Hoy Park, and everything in between. Plus, our Red Sox New Year’s Resolutions.

Steve Cohen: Good For Baseball, Or Great For Baseball?

The criminal billionaire is setting free agency on fire.

A Pod On Lansdowne Holiday Therapy Session

What culture is being built at Fenway, and more importantly: why wasn’t Liam at elf practice?

Do You Really Want John Henry To Sell The Red Sox?

Reminder: things could be worse — way, way worse.

The Red Sox Make Pod On Lansdowne Kranky

The Pod On Lansdowne fellas give you Xander Bogaerts-Tim Allen crossover content you never knew you needed.


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