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Red Sox History

The history of Red Sox showings in the Baseball America top 100 list

Using one measure of system quality.

Free Agent Lookback: Steve Avery

It was worth a shot, but did not work out.

All-Time Red Sox vs. All-Time Yankees: The Pitchers

How do the best pitchers stack up vs those from the Yankees?

All-Time Red Sox vs. All-Time Yankees: The Hitters

Which rival’s All-Time offense comes out on top?

All-Time Red Sox Roster: Constructing the Batting Order

I show how I’d deploy the All-Time team’s hitters vs both righties and lefties.

All-Time Red Sox Roster: Pedro Martínez

Martinez is the unquestioned ace of this Red Sox All-Time team and the most dominant pitcher in baseball history.

All-Time Red Sox Roster: Roger Clemens

Although still mired in controversy there is no denying what Clemens accomplished with the Red Sox.

All-Time Red Sox Roster: Cy Young

One of the greatest pitchers of all-time is the Red Sox third starter in this All-Time Red Sox rotation.

All-Time Red Sox Roster: Lefty Grove

Grove may have been diminished from his Athletics days, but he was still plenty great enough to make the Red Sox All-Time rotation.

All-Time Red Sox Roster: Luis Tiant

El Tiante claims the fifth spot in the rotation for this Red Sox All-Time roster.

All-Time Red Sox Roster: Koji Uehara

With the game on the line there is no player I’d rather have on the mound than Koji Uehara, the closer on the Red Sox All-Time roster.

All-Time Red Sox Roster: Jonathan Papelbon

The Red Sox All-Time saves leader is the setup man for the All-Time roster.

All-Time Red Sox Roster: Craig Kimbrel

This All-Time great reliever was as frustrating at times as he was dominant.

All-Time Red Sox Roster: Smoky Joe Wood

We go back to the Deadball Era with the latest entry in the Red Sox bullpen.

All-Time Red Sox Roster: Chris Sale

The injured staff ace makes my All-Time team in a relief role.

Revisiting Matt Clement’s brush with ace status

Clement’s first few months in Boston really seemed like the start of something promising.

All-Time Red Sox Roster: Curt Schilling

This member of the All-Time team has undoubted Hall of Fame credentials, but has been mired in controversy since leaving baseball.

Red Sox Draft Review: 2018

It’s still early, but it’s looking like a good class.

Red Sox Draft Review: 2017

A look back at the class of 2017.

Red Sox Draft Review: 2016

A look back at a solid top of the class.

Red Sox Draft Review: 2015

We start our review of the last five drafts with one in which they had a top ten pick.

All-Time Red Sox Roster: Dick Radatz

Making the roster in relief is dominating multi-inning reliever—Dick Radatz.

All-Time Red Sox Roster: David Ortiz

Today we take a look at the most impactful player in Red Sox history.

The Red Sox’s 2003 playoff run was wild all the way to its abrupt end

Walkoffs, rallies, close calls and heartache. The Red Sox’s postseason journey in 2003 had everything but a satisfying conclusion.

All-Time Red Sox Roster: Mookie Betts

He only needed five full seasons to become the best right fielder in team history, if only he had more.

All-Time Red Sox Roster: Fred Lynn

Lynn was perfect for Fenway Park and he’s perfect as the starter in center for the all-time team.

The best players for each uniform number

We go from 0 to 94.

Underrated Red Sox by decade: The early years

We look back at the most underrated players in team history, starting with the first half of the 20th century.

All-Time Red Sox Roster: Ted Williams

The greatest hitter who ever lived is the Red Sox starter in left field.

All-Time Red Sox Roster: Nomar Garciaparra

A career shortened by injuries, but defined by a huge peak.

Underrated Champions: 2007

A look back at an underappreciated roster.

Underrated Red Sox Champions: 2004

We start our week of underrated players with the most famous Red Sox team in franchise history.


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