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Red Sox Game Stories

Streaky Sox Still Cold

Offense manages just one run in last three games

Game 100: Guardians at Red Sox

Make like a banana and split

Red Sox 7, Athletics 2: Starting the west coast swing with a W

Nathan Eovaldi cruised through six innings for the win.

Red Sox 7, Reds 1: Back in the win column

The arms, bats, and defense can head out west on a positive note.

Red Sox 1, Reds 2: Searching for offense

Another bad night for the bats.

Red Sox 0, Orioles 10: A rough end to a long series

This was an all-around ugly loss.

Red Sox 12, Orioles 2: Easy like Sunday afternoon

The Red Sox run away with an easy win on Sunday.

Red Sox 8, Orioles 12: A bullpen implosion

A frustrating loss at Fenway.

Red Sox 16, White Sox 7: Four straight series wins

The Red Sox offense had another big night in a blowout win.

Red Sox 1, White Sox 3: Too many LOBs

The win streak is over.

Red Sox 16, White Sox 3: Making it easy for the sixth win in a row

The Red Sox offense exploded early and put this one away in the blink of an eye.

Red Sox 8, Mariners 4: Break out the brooms on a walk-off grand slam

Plus, Nathan Eovaldi bounces back in a big way.

Red Sox 7, Mariners 3: Trevor Story Cannot Stop Mashing

Trevor Story hit another homer and the bullpen was nails in Boston’s series-clinching win vs. Seattle.

Red Sox 12, Mariners 6: Trevor Story homers thrice

The Red Sox continue to beat AL West teams.

Red Sox 5, Astros 1: Nick Pivetta does the damn thing

And the Red Sox win a second straight series.

Red Sox 4, Astros 13: That’s a yikes

Nathan Eovaldi gives up five homers in the second.

Red Sox 6, Astros 3: Outlasting Houston in the rain

Trevor Story hits his first Fenway homer in the win.

Red Sox 11, Rangers 3: A rare series win

And a stress-free one at that.

Red Sox 7, Rangers 1: That’s more like it

Red Sox 3, Braves 5: Another walk-off loss

"This is getting old." - Dennis Eckersley (and everyone else)

Red Sox 9, Braves 4: Finally

Even with Garrett Whitlock not at his best.

Red Sox 2, White Sox 3: This is getting old

Another day, another loss.

Red Sox 1, White Sox 3: Laugh so you don’t cry

This team might just stink.

Red Sox 2, White Sox 4: Have we tried unplugging the lineup and plugging it back in?

Can’t hurt.

Red Sox 0, Angels 8: New day, new rock bottom

Make it five straight series losses for the Red Sox.

Red Sox 5, Angels 10: More bullpen woes

The Red Sox waste a phenomenal showing from Garrett Whitlock.

Red Sox 4, Angels 0: Michael Wacha strikes again

The Red Sox pitching leads the way in a shutout win.

Red Sox 1, Orioles 2: New day, same problems

The Red Sox offense remains at large.

Red Sox 3, Orioles 1: A step in the right direction

Boston got great pitching, and one inning of offense was enough in Baltimore.

Red Sox 0, Blue Jays 1: Alek Manoah proves to be too much

And momentum did not carry over from Wednesday.

Red Sox 7, Blue Jays 1: Michael Wac(e)ha

Get it, like an ace? You get it.

Red Sox 5, Blue Jays 6: Baseball is pain.

An awful loss. Again.