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Red Sox Game Stories

Red Sox 9, Mariners 4: A Wild Time in Extras!

For the first time since 2013, the Red Sox win a series in Seattle.

Red Sox 8, Mariners 4: A much needed win out west

The Red Sox got the big hit late to pull out a huge win in Seattle.

Mariners 5, Red Sox 4: More of the Same

The Red Sox Defense Is Terrible

Red Sox 1, White Sox 2: A gut punch on the way out of Chicago

A bad day for the offense cost the Red Sox the series.

Red Sox 9, White Sox 8: Travis Shaw puts the Sox on his back

And the Red Sox pull out a gutsy win.

Red Sox 3, White Sox 4: The wrong Sox won

An early deficit proved too much to overcome.

Red Sox 2, Rays 1: The Hunter Renfroe Game

And Nathan Eovaldi shoved all night.

Red Sox 7, Rays 12: It’s not what you want

After an epic collapse on Monday, Tuesday was just a plain old blowout.

Red Sox 10, Rays 11: Embarrassment at Fenway

Terrible defense and an inexcusable collapse.

Red Sox 5, Cleveland 11: Settling for a series win

The Red Sox settled for a series win after failing to complete a comeback.

Red Sox 4, Cleveland 3: Walking it off for four straight

And the Red Sox are plowing through some roster issues.

Red Sox 8, Cleveland 5: Booming Bats

The Streak Continues On

Red Sox Minor Lines: A combined no-hitter for Greenville

And another big night for Franchy Cordero

Red Sox 4, Rays 0: The Red Sox Are Back to Streaking

Welcome to Splitsville

Red Sox 3, Rays 2: Feeling like June again, at least for a night

Some rare timely defense won this game.

Red Sox 5, Rays 8: The never-ending search for rock bottom continues

The one saving grace: August is over.

Red Sox 1, Rays 6: No offense to be found in the opener

And the Red Sox drop the first game of this crucial four-game set.

Red Sox 5, Cleveland 7: The bullpen strikes again

It was shorthanded in this game, and it showed.

Red Sox 5, Cleveland 3: Martinez delivers in the tenth

The Red Sox with another late three-run homer to take the lead.

Red Sox 4, Cleveland 3: Jonathan Araúz plays hero

Just joining the team in the afternoon, the infielder won it in the eighth.

Red Sox 12, Twins 2: Another Successful Sale Day

And the Red Sox win a second straight series.

Red Sox 6, Twins 9: Continuing to find new and exciting ways to lose

The Red Sox had another weird one, this one coming out on the losing end.

Red Sox 11, Twins 9: A wild two-game win streak

It got scary, but it was still a win.

Red Sox 8, Rangers 4: A rollercoaster of an afternoon at Fenway

But, well, a win is a win.

Rangers 10, Red Sox 1: U-G-L-Y, The Red Sox Ain’t Got No Alibi

A tough night at Fenway.

Red Sox 6, Rangers 0: Momentum Swing?

The Red Sox get back in the win column at the start of a big stretch.

Red Sox 2, Yankees 5: I’m not mad, I’m actually laughing

Another quiet day for the bats as the Red Sox get swept.

Red Sox 0, Yankees 2: The wildcard gap has been closed

With the second loss of the day, the Red Sox and Yankees are now tied in the standings for the wildcard spot.

Red Sox 3, Yankees 5: Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades

A devastating loss.

Red Sox 6, Orioles 2: The most needed of sweeps

The Red Sox took care of business to get back on track.

Red Sox 16, Orioles 2: Smooth Sale-ing 

Red Sox 8, Orioles 1: A nice change of pace

A matchup against the Orioles to hopefully get things back on track


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