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Red Sox Analysis

What Can We Expect From Garrett Whitlock, Starting Pitcher?

Whitlock is back in the rotation in 2023. This time, he’s there to stay.

It’s Spring Training Overreaction Time!

How excited or worried should we be about these early performances?

The Potential Starter No One Is Talking About: Brandon Walter Is Going To Matter

Does the rest of the rotation know that the season starts soon?

Who Will Get The Last Spot On The Red Sox Opening Day Roster?

It’s time to pay attention to Niko Goodrum and Yu Chang.

Let’s Make A Deal: What Contract Would You Offer Alex Verdugo?

The outfielder is due for a payday soon—will the Red Sox give him the bag?

Optimizing The 2023 Red Sox Lineup

How can the Red Sox squeeze out some extra wins via lineup construction?

Is There More Talent In The Room?

A WAR Analysis Of The Projected 2023 Red Sox.

2023 Positional Preview: Adam Duvall Is The Bridge In Center Field

The Red Sox have a great center fielder, but he’s a shortstop now. They also have a potential future star in the minors, but he’s not ready just yet. So Adam Duvall will hold things down for the time being.

2023 Offseason Outlook: Starting Pitching

Risk and reward are the words of the day when talking about the Red Sox rotation.

For Kiké Hernandez, Moving To Shortstop May Unlock Another Level

Is the consummate utility player a better hitter when he plays in the infield?

Looking For the Next Rob Refsnyder

Which Players on Minor League Deals Will Help the Red Sox in 2023?

2023 Offseason Outlook: Outfield

The Red Sox have retooled their outfield, part by choice and part by necessity.

Who Should Be The Red Sox Setup Man In 2023?

The 8th inning was an issue last year. Have they fixed it?

Who Will The Red Sox Target Next?

A look behind the scenes at Chaim Bloom’s private phone calls as he desperately searches for a double-play combination.

So Hey, What If Masataka Yoshida Is A Superstar?

Thanks to statistical projections, we have some hope.

How Much Power Is Left In The 2023 Red Sox Lineup?

With Trevor Story sidelined, things could be bleak.

Take To The Mound, Bobby Dalbec!

To save his Major League career, maybe Bobby Dalbec should try being a two-way player.

Should The Red Sox Trade Triston Casas To The Marlins?

Probably not, but the Marlins are reportedly interested in Casas and have a bevy of talented young starting pitchers.

The New DH In Town? Is This a Head-Scratcher or a Head-Turner?

With J.D. Martinez’s departure and the arrival of Justin Turner, "who’s better?" is an easy question to ask. But with that question comes even more confusing questions to follow.

How Good is the Red Sox New-Look Bullpen?

By focusing on the bullpen in free agency, the Red Sox have shown they clearly want to improve one of the weakest parts of the roster from 2022.

It’s Easy To Defend The Decision To Let Xander Go — It’s Much Harder To Defend The Red Sox

The Red Sox don’t overpay for players anymore . . . but they also don’t have elite players anymore.

The Red Sox Can’t Let This Happen Again with Rafael Devers

With Xander Bogaerts officially gone, the Red Sox should be laser-focused on extending Devers.

2022 in Review: Rafael Devers Showed Why He Deserves to Get Paid

With a contract extension rumored to be in the works, it’s the perfect time to look back at what was another great season from Devers, even if he disappeared for a month.

Maybe Re-Signing Kyle Schwarber Would Have Been a Good Idea

Schwarber wouldn’t have solved all of the Red Sox’s problems, but he would have addressed some critical ones.

Brayan Bello And Triston Casas Are Just The Beginning

Brayan Bello and Triston Casas are two of the Red Sox best prospects, and they produced some promising results in their first taste of MLB action. But considering the improvements down on the farm, there should be more successes to come.

Should The Sox Re-Sign Michael Wacha?

He just finished one of the best seasons of his career, so what’s next for Wacha? Welcome to Free-Averency!

Xander Bogaerts’ Defensive Renaissance and How It Could Affect the Offseason

Xander Bogaerts is having an outstanding season at the plate, but that’s nothing new. It’s his noticeable defensive improvements that make him even more valuable.

Xander Bogaerts And The Quest For The American League Batting Title

It may not be a playoff race or a home run chase, but Xander Bogaerts is in the thick of the competition for the AL batting title.

Brayan Bello Is Starting To Figure It Out

The highly touted pitching prospect isn’t close to being an ace just yet, but he’s made progress over his last few starts.

Trevor Story Is On An Absolute Heater

Since returning from the IL, Story has been hitting anything and everything, supplying some fun as the Red Sox play out the string before entering a critical offseason.

What Do We Do With Jarren Duran Now?

It’s not time to throw in the towel, but the once highly touted prospect’s prospects are looking bleak.

Optimizing the Red Sox Outfield

The Sox suddenly have some outfield depth. So what should they do with it?


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