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Red Sox Analysis

2022 in Review: Rafael Devers Showed Why He Deserves to Get Paid

With a contract extension rumored to be in the works, it’s the perfect time to look back at what was another great season from Devers, even if he disappeared for a month.

Maybe Re-Signing Kyle Schwarber Would Have Been a Good Idea

Schwarber wouldn’t have solved all of the Red Sox’s problems, but he would have addressed some critical ones.

Brayan Bello And Triston Casas Are Just The Beginning

Brayan Bello and Triston Casas are two of the Red Sox best prospects, and they produced some promising results in their first taste of MLB action. But considering the improvements down on the farm, there should be more successes to come.

Should The Sox Re-Sign Michael Wacha?

He just finished one of the best seasons of his career, so what’s next for Wacha? Welcome to Free-Averency!

Xander Bogaerts’ Defensive Renaissance and How It Could Affect the Offseason

Xander Bogaerts is having an outstanding season at the plate, but that’s nothing new. It’s his noticeable defensive improvements that make him even more valuable.

Xander Bogaerts And The Quest For The American League Batting Title

It may not be a playoff race or a home run chase, but Xander Bogaerts is in the thick of the competition for the AL batting title.

Brayan Bello Is Starting To Figure It Out

The highly touted pitching prospect isn’t close to being an ace just yet, but he’s made progress over his last few starts.

Trevor Story Is On An Absolute Heater

Since returning from the IL, Story has been hitting anything and everything, supplying some fun as the Red Sox play out the string before entering a critical offseason.

What Do We Do With Jarren Duran Now?

It’s not time to throw in the towel, but the once highly touted prospect’s prospects are looking bleak.

Optimizing the Red Sox Outfield

The Sox suddenly have some outfield depth. So what should they do with it?

Assessing the Red Sox’s 2022 Trade Deadline

Let’s take a dive into what turned out to be a pretty strange trade deadline for the Red Sox.

Evaluating Red Sox Trade Targets: Pitchers

Who knows if they should be buyers, but if the Red Sox are going to make some deals to upgrade, here’s who they should be targeting on the mound.

Evaluating Red Sox Trade Targets: First Base and the Outfield

Who knows if they should be buyers, but if the Red Sox are going to make some deals to upgrade, here’s who they should be targeting at first base and in the outfield.

Tanner Houck was built to be a closer

As the Red Sox’s seemingly newly minted closer (or whatever you want to call it), Tanner Houck is a perfect fit.

The pros and cons of Chris Sale in the bullpen

Getting Chris Sale back as soon as possible would be a good thing, but is putting him the bullpen the answer?

It’s time to give Michael Wacha his flowers

After two-plus months of effective pitching, Michael Wacha deserves respect for how he’s anchored the rotation.

This bullpen is fixable right now

How the Red Sox can internally fix their bullpen woes.

The Red Sox need more of the recent offensive surge from their outfielders

Everyone in the Red Sox’s lineup has been hitting recently, including an outfield group that has struggled at the plate for much of the year. For the Red Sox to fully return to contention, that must continue, one way or another.

Christian Vázquez is partying like it’s 2019

The catcher is looking like a starting caliber player again.

Rafael Devers’ very good month of May

There’s been some turnarounds of late, but don’t sleep on a star taking things to a new level.

Franchy Cordero is earning a longer look

Even with underwhelming numbers so far.

What’s behind Nick Pivetta’s recent turnaround?

The righty looks to make it three strong starts in a row on Wednesday.

J.D. Martinez is succeeding in a different way

And he’s earning himself some money down the road.

Garrett Whitlock should be back in the bullpen

It’s where the team need lies.

One thing to like about each of the Red Sox’s slumping hitters

Let’s try to find the positives in an ocean of offensive struggles.

The Red Sox offseason has made a bright future more difficult

How did Chaim Bloom’s bad offseason lead up to this disastrous start to the year and will it get worse?

How can the Red Sox pull a Celtics?

Some fun cross-sports comparisons.

Trevor Story’s snowballing struggles

Things are not good for the team’s biggest signing.

The Red Sox offense needs a shakeup in the worst way

There are options.

Nathan Eovaldi is avoiding walks more than ever

Limiting walks has been a hallmark of Nathan Eovaldi’s last few campaigns, but he’s been even better at it this year.

Tanner Houck should be the closer

Or however you’d like to define the top late-inning reliever.

Is Michael Wacha’s solid start a reality or a mirage?

Michael Wacha has been very good in the Red Sox’s rotation, but some disquieting metrics lay below the surface of his strong start to the 2022 season.