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Red Sox 2023 Season Preview

(Some Of) What You Need To Know To Get Ready For 2023

2023 Positional Preview: Masataka Yoshida Takes Over Left Field

Masataka Yoshida made a splash at the World Baseball Classic: will it translate to MLB?

2023 Positional Preview: Right Field

If Alex Verdugo is going to make the leap, now’s the time.

A Red Sox Fan’s Guide to the 2023 Fantasy Baseball Season

Here’s a look at who to draft on the Red Sox and when to draft them.

2023 Positional Preview: Is there anything Reese McGuire can do to make people forget about, you know, that thing?

Catching is not a strength for the 2023 Red Sox. But it doesn’t have to be a weakness.

Things We’re Excited For In 2023: Watching The Red Sox Without Dreading The Impending Departure Of A Beloved Star

Because it’s hard to enjoy greatness if you’re always worried you’re about to lose it.

2023 Positional Preview: It’s Christian Arroyo’s Time. Finally.

The former first round pick finally has a starting spot.

2023 Positional Preview: The Bullpen Is Much Better . . . Right?

Yes. Probably. Hopefully.

Things We’re Excited for In 2023: Chris Sale Trying To Earn His Contract

The lefty ace has a lot to prove — and he knows it.

Things We’re Terrified Of In 2023: Chris Sale Leaving The House Without Wearing A Suit Of Bubble Wrap

For the love of the nation, this year’s squad NEEDS you in the rotation.

Who Will Get The Last Spot On The Red Sox Opening Day Roster?

It’s time to pay attention to Niko Goodrum and Yu Chang.

Meet The New Guys - Each And Every One Of Them

Spring Training is officially underway. Let’s meet the newest members of the 2023 Red Sox.

2023 Positional Preview: First Base

A rookie starter with recent injury history, and a 38-year-old backup who hasn’t played first in 8 years ... but it’s better than last year!

2023 Positional Preview: Starting Pitchers And The Multiverse Of Madness

In another timeline, the Red Sox 2023 rotation would be led by three perennial Cy Young contenders. In our reality, the staff will hope to capitalize on the latent talent of healthy former aces while cultivating the next generation of frontline hurlers.

Optimizing The 2023 Red Sox Lineup

How can the Red Sox squeeze out some extra wins via lineup construction?

Things We’re Terrified Of In 2023: The Baltimore Orioles Being Legitimately Good

The American League East was already difficult with three really good teams.

Is There More Talent In The Room?

A WAR Analysis Of The Projected 2023 Red Sox.

A Big Question Mark For Big Maple

James Paxton’s performance remains one of the biggest contingencies of the 2023 roster.

2023 Positional Preview: Adam Duvall Is The Bridge In Center Field

The Red Sox have a great center fielder, but he’s a shortstop now. They also have a potential future star in the minors, but he’s not ready just yet. So Adam Duvall will hold things down for the time being.

Things We’re Excited For In 2023: Triston Casas Nakedly Trying To Be A Star

He’s good and he knows it. Now he just needs to follow-through.

2023 Positional Preview: Shortstop Has Short And Long-Term Solutions

After the loss of a franchise cornerstone, the Red Sox have multiple options to put on the field at short.

Things We’re Excited For In 2023: The Brayan Bello Experience

If seeing Pedro Martinez work with Brayan Bello doesn’t get you excited, check your pulse to make sure you’re alive.

2023 Positional Preview: Breathe Easy, Third Base Is Covered

The Red Sox are more locked in at third base than any other position thanks to one Rafael Devers.

Looking For the Next Rob Refsnyder

Which Players on Minor League Deals Will Help the Red Sox in 2023?