Red Sox vs. Rays Game 4 lineups: Bounce ‘em out!

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The Red Sox look to advance to the ALCS after a wild Sunday victory over Tampa Bay when they take on the Rays tonight behind Eduardo Rodriguez (7:07 p.m., FS1).

HOOOOO BOOOOOY that was something, wasn’t it? A blown lead, a fortuitous and a (naturally) well-timed Christian Vázquez homer have put the Sox on the precipice of advancing at the expense of the first-place Rays, who figure to be frothing mad heading into tonight’s game. With both bullpens taxed, the Rays will turn to Collin McHugh to open things up and sort of string it together after that, while the Sox will hope E-Rod can pull a vintage #Ed performance out when they need it the most. After his relative dud Game 1, you could argue he’s due, and if he’s on his way out of Boston after this year, this is his chance to make himself a bona fide legend before switching jerseys.

Yes, the Sox can, fittingly, bounce the Rays after last night and after a two-year stretch of watching Tampa Bay ultimately rule the AL East. As happy as I am about this turn of events, it does illustrate why a best-of-5 series isn’t the fairest solution in the world, but since it benefits the Sox this time around, I’ll allow it. All that said, the Rays should, as previously noted, be raring to go tonight, with everyone from Wander Franco to Nelson Cruz eager to dent the monster and then some. It’s gonna be epic.

Of course, also, this being a delayed Marathon Monday, the Sox were faced with the decision to wear their yellow jerseys or not. Here was Alex Cora’s take, per Chris Cotillo of

“I’ve got to talk to some people around here and see what we do,” Cora said before Game 3. “Whatever we wear, we’ll be fine. It’s different when you have those alternate uniforms. At one point, they go to some other stuff, like the (Red Sox Foundation), which is a great cause. I don’t know how many of the yellow ones we have around. Guys probably took it for granted and signed jerseys and gave it away and all that. There’s a lot of stuff that goes on. We’ve got red, we’ve got white. We’ll make a decision tomorrow, I guess.”

They decided against it. Sad.

The lineup is the same as yesterday’s except for a Christian Vázquez-for-Kevin-Plawecki substitution behind the plate, which is to be expected. The Rays have their righty-heavy lineup out there, but tonight figures to be a wild, substitute-laden affair. Let it end in victory for the good guys, and we shall party well into the night.

ALDS Game 4 vs. Rays

Lineup spot Rays Red Sox
Lineup spot Rays Red Sox
1 Randy Arozarena, RF Kyle Schwarber, 1B
2 Wander Franco, SS Kiké Hernández, CF
3 Brandon Lowe, 2B Rafael Devers, 3B
4 Nelson Cruz, DH Xander Bogaerts, SS
5 Jordan Luplow, 1B Alex Verdugo, LF
6 Yandy Díaz, 3B J.D. Martinez, DH
7 Austin Meadows, LF Hunter Renfroe, RF
8 Mike Zunino, C Christian Vázquez, C
9 Kevin Kiermaier, CF Christian Arroyo, 2B
SP Collin McHugh, RHP Eduardo Rodriguez, LHP




The only tops that matter...

Are being on Top of the Rays and avoiding another trip to the TrOP for another game there in 2021.
Don’t blame us if we ever doubt you
You know we couldn’t live with out you
Red Sox you are the only only only!

There is one more reason to win tonight

I took tomorrow as one of my too few paid leaves from work in order to watch this game (at first pitch time here it will be 1.07am tomorrow). So GoSox!

Ugh. ERod.

I was relatively beaming all day, not a care in the world about who the Sox would start tonight. It was fun while it lasted.

I guess it has to be someone starting on the rubber, but seeing ERod’s name did make my head drop a bit. Here’s hoping he’s got one more good 4-5 inning stretch in him (twice through the lineup with limited damage would be nice).

He's getting it done for you, lol

Look, it could be worse – you could have Gerrit Cole on the mound, lol!

Go Sox!

P.S. Tripped over to the idiots on pinstripealley and they all were saying TB were going to destroy the Sox. Uhh, no. Dopes

Eduardo, please don't walk a bunch of people

The end.

And eat before the game

No nibbling!

To be un-PC for a minute, Rodriguez needs to sack up and attack hitters

We need length in this game and he can’t go nibbling and walking people.

Time to show he has any kind of a winning instinct.

If he chokes again tonight, there’s no way they should re-sign Eduardo, right?

Depends on how much it tanks his value to other teams.

I kind of feel like no matter what he did this season, he was unlikely to be back, because someone was going to overpay him.

Whether that was some team paying him like an ace when he’s a 2, or paying him to be a 3 when he’s a 4/5, I feel like someone was always going to overvalue him. we all know, managing in the playoffs is not the same as the regular season and Kevin Cash is finding that out.

But, TB ONLY won 8 more games than the Sox.
I like the lineup. Everyone is now hot.
I trust Cora will know exactly what to do if E-Rod doesn’t have "it" tonight.
On the other hand, he may just Shock the World (again)

Cautiously optimistic that ERod dominates tonight

In a weird way, less pressure when you know people have written you off

He certainly could

As long as The Nibbler doesn’t rear his ugly head…

I know it might seem odd to tax the bullpen, but I might pull him after 2 even if he's not particularly struggling.

Get Houck in, make Tampa burn their lefty platoons in the middle innings, with Taylor, Davis, and maybe even Sale all available to attack them later.

Do you think Houck will be available tonight?

Cora said only Pivetta wouldn't be available.

He didn’t even rule out Nate. Cora wants to win tonight and close it out so I think its all hands on deck.

Sounds great to me. I don't want it to go back to Tampa!

Same rest as Pivetta last night, and he threw less pitches in his last outing than Nick did.

Agreed. Play to win tonight.

You don’t want to have to go back to Tampa, but, if you do, you have the day off to rest some pitchers.

Winning tonight is huge if the Red Sox want to have a chance to do well in the ALCS.

Win tonight and the pitching staff gets to rest and get themselves lined back up. JD and Raffy get some time to recoup from their injuries. Overall, it would put them in a much better position if they hope to do damage in the ALCS versus having to play another game in Tampa. So, let’s hope E-Rod can come out and give us a strong start and help the Sox close out the divisional series.


1 of 2 things is going to happen

Erod goes 5 scoreless with a handful of Ks

or…..leadoff guy gets on and he poops his pants and is more worried about the guy on instead of the guy at the plate…

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