Scattered thoughts after a Game One victory

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So, that was a hell of a Game One, eh? It’s a lot easier to wax poetic about that first contest given the Red Sox winning, but there was a lot of good and a lot of bad in this game. It’s probably going to be like that for however long this series lasts, but hopefully the rest of the series won’t be quite so stressful. Wishful thinking, I know. Anyway, I was hoping for one big takeaway to write about after this game, but there was just too much here for that. So, instead, I’m going to quickly cover everything I could think about during the game. Keep in mind that this is just a few hours after the final out and I’m running on two hours sleep, so I’m not kidding when I say these thoughts are scattered.

Photo by Elsa/Getty Images
Photo by Elsa/Getty Images


Sox got the win and that is all that matters.

From the start we got from Sale to the 3 run bomb from JD to the 13 strikeouts our pitchers combined for to the incredible double play Mookie almost pulled off and the defense of Leon all night. Just wanted to point out a few of the positives before the naysayers jump in on the comments. Sox fans need to all relax and enjoy the day as I am sure tonight and probably every game in this series is going to have its ups and downs so no sense in getting worked up over things we can’t control.

agreed, in the end that's all that matters...

especially against the yanks. As long as the sox keep winning, pretty or ugly, I’ll certainly take it…but dang, even after this W it feels like the yankees have the momentum.

price tonight 6.2 innings 4 runs 3 er, 3 bb’s and 5 k’s
go sox

Sale not only had 8 K's in 5 1/3...

He had 8 K’s after 4! Maybe that, too, had something to do with Cora pulling him a little quickly. Better to pull a guy working his way back from an injury a little early with a 5-run lead knowing he might be needed later in the series.

I would add one more thing to the list.

Why were no pinch hitters used, despite the weak bottom of the order coming to the plate in important, late at-bats.

Holt hitting for Kinsler, anyone? How about Devers hitting for Nunez. There are some pretty good bats sitting on that bench going completely unused.

I didn’t mind it

All of the guys in the game were the better defensive players, so with the lead I’m good with sticking with the gloves and saving the hitters if you need them later

Then why not start the better bat, and bring in defensive replacements later?

Brock Holt is one hack of a weapon to remain holtsered.

Lefty starter

Yes, Brock is good against lefties, but Kinsler is too.

If Brock Holt doesn't see the field, Cora has made a huge mistake.

I think we'll see him in there tonight

Kinsler is a gamer, but he’s not providing much with the bat right now. Putting Holt in against the Righty certainly lengthens our lineup. I’d like to see Devers bat in there tonight also. He was heating up. Can always put in defensive replacements later.

Kinsler has been excellent against LHP throughout his career. But this year, he's been awful, hitting to a 33 wRC+ against them.

I think the idea of "Brock Holt, Offensive Weapon" is one with a short...

…and maybe already expired shelf-life. Anyone can get hot, but it always ends. Defense is much more level and consistent.

Mixed bag for the bullpen

For a while it seemed like no one was going to throw a strike, and the Judge homer created a bit of hand wringing. But with that said, they managed to pick up some big time outs and really hold down the Yanks with runners in scoring position. Gotta be a bit more consistent, but at least they showed something in some tough moments.

bullpen bad but

they were being squeezed by that home plate ump.

Very inconsistent outside corner to righties

Sometimes helped us and sometimes hurt

Mookie struck out on outside pitch

I will second the praise for Sandy

He was so good behind the plate. Had a sac bunt, so that’s a productive out. I’ll take it

The reason E-Rod and Eovaldi weren't part of the plan...

…could be because Cora felt like he might need both of them to pitch multiple innings tonight if the Yankees start beating up on Price like they have several times this season.

I have a bad feeling about this

I sense they (Yanks) are pissed off from their loss last night. They will look to beat up on Price and I see him giving up like 6-8 runs in a hurry. I hope Price finds a way to shut them down tonight.

I'm sure they were pissed off in the "damage" series too

Let’s crush their souls.

There's a small problem with that plan:

The Yankees don’t have souls.

There’s no chance price is in the game long enough to give up that much

I also don’t think a baseball team being pissed makes them play better. It would be just as likely the Sox bullpen is pissed they threw terribly and would like to make amends

Screw the Yankees

They’re not superhuman. What do we have to be afraid of? We are way more dynamic than the Yankees and should be favored in this game tonight. Price is a much different pitcher in Boston compared to Yankee stadium. And we’ve proven many times that we can do "damage" against Tanaka and their bullpen, regardless who they cart out there.

We’re the Juggernaut here. We’re the bullies.

This is our house and we scare starting pitchers.

Did I dream the 4 game sweep in Boston when the games actually mattered? Throw the games in September out the window….they didn’t matter despite what the media and some people here want you to think.

Do Damage tonight and pitch angry.

I wonder if Brasier . . .

It looked like he threw a pretty good first pitch, but Voit ambushed it and got a huge (important) hit off of it. After that Brasier didn’t look at all like he has in the past, with no indication that he was hurt. That makes me think the hit shook him. I guess that would be good since it means he’s not hurt, but bad since it suggests he’s fragile.

He'll be better after that first taste

Its much easier to start out in a clean inning. Unfortuantely, that’s not always possible. But give these guys clean innings to start and they’ll be much more effective.

One thing I want to point out and I think its very important.

That game last night had all the earmarks of being the worst possible outcome for this team……but it didn’t.

That was the Yankees game to steal. They had all the chances and our bullpen was super shakey…but we won.

Sale was great, they outlasted him, had their bullpen shut us down….and threatened in every inning against our bullpen….but we won.

We won despite giving them every chance to take it. We took their best punch and then took the fight.

That’s how I choose to look at last night’s game. Sox up 1-0

Strong points!

Plus, WE drove the narrative. Jumped on them early, pushed them to ‘catch-up’. Things got slippery, but they didn’t get dropped. Now the Yanks are 1-0. And Sale is lined up to either start game 5, or start game 1.

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