Red Sox 7, Orioles 0: Rich Hill two-hits the Orioles

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What on Earth is happening?

Rich Hill, in his third start of the season, two-hit the Orioles. He again reached double digits in strikeouts, allowing just one walk. Somehow, after not starting for years, he has looked for three starts like one of the best pitchers in baseball.

Maybe even just the best?

The first hit for the Orioles came in their first at bat of the game on a ground ball up the middle from Nolan Reimold. Hill erased him with a double play to end the frame, and their second didn't come for a long time. Hill got pop-ups in the second, struck out the side in the third, and in the fifth allowed his first outfield fly ball since the first.

The sixth inning finally saw the Orioles get on base again, and it was off of Rich Hill, but only on his bad throw. With a man on, Hill very briefly lost control, or at least decided not to risk a second hit from Reimold, walking him on four pitches. The next three went for strikes to Manny Machado, ending the threat.

Finally, in the ninth, the Orioles got their second hit. A leadoff infield single. By then, it was 7-0. Xander Bogaerts had put Boston on the board in the third with a two-out double, scoring Mookie Betts from third, though Dustin Pedroia was thrown out trying to get home from first. The Sox would score a less impressive run in the fifth, with Brock Holt walking, getting to third with two out on some small ball, and then scoring on a wild pitch.

The sixth, though, was where they really broke out. Returning for the sixth, Kevin Gausman lost a hard-fought battle against Dustin Pedroia, walking the second baseman on nine pitches. Xander Bogaerts moved him to second with a swinging bunt of a single, and David Ortiz brought them both in to score on a double just past the glove of right fielder Daniel Alvarez. T.J. McFarland managed to pick up two outs in short order after replacing Gausman, but Holt managed to flip a double into the left field corner, bringing Ortiz in to make it 5-0.

The last two Red Sox runs would wait until the eighth, with David Ortiz and Brock Holt once more the producers at the plate, and Xander Bogaerts somehow once again on base via an infield single. Now leading 7-0, all that was left was for Rich Hill to pitch the ninth. And after that leadoff single, it was easy work for Hill, who struck out Nolan Reimold, got a ground ball from Manny Machado, and finally got Chris Davis to hit a long fly ball towards the bullpens in right, where Mookie Betts leapt at the wall, nearly toppling over, to rob the first baseman of a homer and seal the shutout.


"Getting Chris Davis to fly out to Mookie Betts"

Seems like a very underwhelming end to the write up.

I love you Ben

But you should watch some highlights and do some re-writing. This was the best game of the year, and you missed some of the best parts. For example, Chris Davis did not merely "fly out to Mookie Betts."

Well looks like we have our ace

Do you think he pulls in nine figures this winter?

What game were you watching?

He's not getting 10 million even on a 3 year deal

He's a 35 year old with a track record as a meh reliever

He’ll be lucky as hell to get a Major League deal for next year.

Exactly; 7 figures is 1 million

Yeah I agree with you

I’m not sure if the other commenter was being facetious or not, I can’t possibly fathom someone thinking Hill deserved 9 figures

I suggest $100,000,000

And you can’t tell if I’m facetious?

I'm sorry!

It’s gotten that bad! Can’t blame me.

Please tell me you missed the sarcasm font

What the hell

Man, what a game.

What an ending! The reactions to Mookie’s catch were priceless.

And as someone said in the gamethread, it looked like the same bullpen cop from 2013.

Simply priceless.

Ben's reporting of the death of the sun

"It got dark earlier than normal today."


‘easy work for Hill…got Chris Davis to fly out to Mookie Betts, securing the shutout.’

looks like someone just checked gameday

(uh, Ben, Mookie made one of the highlight reel catches of the year to end the game... just so you know.)

Seriously, though, is Rich HIll a contender for a rotation spot next year? This is kind of unbelievable, but pitching three great games in a row has to be considered significant, doesn’t it?. He gets at least one more start this year. If he does it for a fourth consecutive time, we’ve got to keep him there, right?

By this logic, Kelly sealed his place in the rotation next year with his run of eight solid wins

And I’m not saying he shouldn’t be in the rotation next year, just that if we’re being consistent, that would be a natural deduction.

Joe Kelly's run of starts was good BABIP luck

which balanced out the horrible luck he had earlier this year, while Rich Hill has had elite K/BB numbers the past 3 games. I don’t think Rich Hill should be in the 5 man rotation next year, but I think he’s a good option at 6th starter, who gets about 120 innings a year


It’s unrealistic to expect this sort of run to continue, but he’s shown enough to at least introduce himself to the mix.

Wouldn't think Boston would be able to sign him

They just can’t promise him a starting role and he will look at all the guys ahead and you would have to think someone else my be willing to offer a better shot.

Also, as much as I am prone to getting on the bandwagon, at the moment Hill represents a unique situation. From what I have read/heard it sounds like he really retooled his approach and did so well out of the spotlight. So I have to assume that, currently, teams don’t have any sort of book on him. It’s been amazing to watch and I love the story that’s building but I would need to see sustained success especially against line-ups for the second time.

Wow - what a game.

Hill is the story. The catch was fantabulous.
And the two run double by Ortiz with Pedroia and Betts scoring nearly simultaneously was Major Leagueesque

Don’t leave home without it.

Looking forward to watching this team next year!

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