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OTM Mailbag

OTM Mailbag: Looking into the near-future for pitching prospects

And a look at some other potential transactions.

OTM Mailbag: Evaluating the outfield

Our final mailbag before the regular season kicks off

OTM Mailbag: Some 2021 predictions

Such as the home run leader and Garrett Richards’s performance.

OTM Mailbag: Filling out the lineup

This week we look at batting order, Jarren Duran, and favorite Yankees.

OTM Mailbag: Getting defensive

Is there enough defense?

OTM Mailbag: Checking on the depth

And making some pre-spring games predictions.

OTM Mailbag: How’d the Mets get involved?

We look at the Benintendi trade, the lineup, and other things!

OTM Mailbag: Early predictions

And a few potential moves.

OTM Mailbag: The Arenado of it all

Could the Red Sox have swung a deal?

OTM Mailbag: What’s the plan?

OTM Mailbag: Where does the 40-man stand?

And what will happen with the pitching?

Introducing the OTM Mailbag

We need your questions.