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One Big Question

One Big Question: Is Connor Wong the Red Sox’s catcher of the future?

Connor Wong’s performance this year could provide an indication of just how vital he’ll be to the Red Sox’s plans beyond 2021.

One Big Question: What is Marcus Wilson’s window to contribute?

He seems to be in something of a no-man’s land.

One Big Question: Can Garrett Whitlock cement himself as a future starter while pitching in relief?

It will be a tough line to walk trying to develop and win at the same time.

One Big Question: Will more aggression from Alex Verdugo lead to fewer strikeouts?

It would help counteract some batted ball regression likely coming his way.

One Big Question: Can Christian Vázquez solidify his spot among the game’s best catchers?

He’s in the top five by most projections, but will that hold?

One Big Question: Will Phillips Valdez be able to lean so heavily on his changeup again?

It worked in 2020, but it’s a dicey proposition for a second straight year.

One Big Question: Is Josh Taylor’s 2019 slider going to be back for 2021?

I’ve extended the invite, fwiw.

One Big Question: Is there another level for Connor Seabold to reach?

He’s generally viewed as a back-end arm, but can he surprise people?

One Big Question: Does John Schreiber’s stuff play in the majors?

The reliever comes in at a funky angle, but can his pitches miss bats?

One Big Question: Will Hirokazu Sawamura step up as the third reliever?

They have big potential, but also a lot of variance.

One Big Question: Will Chris Sale get his fastball command back right away?

If not, he won’t be the help they’ll likely need him to be.

One Big Question: Can Jeisson Rosario add just a little bit of power?

He can get by with a little, but not with none.

One Big Question: Will Eduardo Rodriguez trust his stuff like he did in 2019?

As in, can he trust his stuff?

One Big Question: What arsenal will Garrett Richards use in 2021?

He’ll need to figure out that third pitch.

One Big Question: Will Hunter Renfroe be more aggressive?

The Red Sox need him attacking, not waiting.

One Big Question: Can Hudson Potts can his prospect shine back?

Things have been trending in the wrong direction for a couple of years.

One Big Question: Can Kevin Plawecki get his defense back?

It’s probably more important than his bat, given the roster makeup.

One Big Question: Can Nick Pivetta avoid barrels?

The righty is looking for a career turnaround in 2021.

One Big Question: Was Martín Pérez’s 2020 sustainable?

He relied on a lot of weak contact.

One Big Question: Does Joel Payamps have a role?

He’s been bouncing around the league all winter. Can he land softly with the Red Sox?

One Big Question: Can Adam Ottavino avoid the heart of the plate?

He could be a huge addition to the Red Sox’ bullpen.

One Big Question: Can Bryan Mata find consistent command?

He should get his chance in the bigs this summer, but he’ll need to prove one more thing.

One Big Question: Can J.D. Martinez rediscover his power?

J.D. Martinez needs to be more of a slugger than he was in 2020.

One Big Question: Can Tanner Houck make his splitter into a weapon?

It’s the big development for him in 2021.

One Big Question: Can Ronaldo Hernández refine his approach?

The potential is there. Now it’s time for refinement.

One Big Question: Should Enrique Hernández try a new approach?

It would lower his ceiling, but potentially raise the floor.

One Big Question: Can Darwinzon Hernandez bring down his walk rate?

Hernandez strikes out a lot of batters, but he also walks a lot of batters. As he enters his third season as a regular reliever for the Red Sox, he has to find a better balance.

One Big Question: Can Jay Groome get his timeline back on track?

He’s missed so much time, and yet he’s still only 22.

One Big Question: Was Marwin Gonzalez’s weak contact in 2020 a fluke?

A bounce back at the plate would be a big addition for the Red Sox.

One Big Question: Can Nathan Eovaldi keep throwing strikes?

Pretty straight forward this time around!

One Big Question: Can Rafael Devers be a more patient hitter?

Rafael Devers has one of the hardest swings in baseball, so when he connects, good things happen. However, laying off a few more pitches from time to time could make him an even more dangerous offensive threat.

One Big Question: Can Bobby Dalbec hold his own against secondaries?

He’s going to swing and miss. But if he’s just bad instead of exceptionally bad, he should be okay overall.


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