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MLB Roundup

MLB Roundup 11/2: Mets part ways with Zack Scott

A Red Sox front office employee may be among candidates to run New York’s baseball operations.

MLB Roundup 11/1: Astros stay alive

The World Series will head back to Houston on Tuesday.

MLB Roundup 10/31: Braves one win from World Series title

And another day down in Arizona.

MLB Roundup 10/30: Braves take back World Series lead

And nearly get a no-hitter in the process.

MLB Roundup 10/29: Bob Melvin leaves Oakland for San Diego

And a blow to the Rays bullpen.

MLB Roundup 10/28: Houston evens up the World Series

And Miami locks up their shortstop for a couple more years.

MLB Roundup 10/27: Braves take Game One of the World Series

And a relatively quiet day down in Arizona.

MLB Roundup 10/26: A dose of this winter’s reality

It might be a long winter.

MLB Roundup 10/25: Cardinals to hire Oliver Marmol as manager

The vacancy was not there for very long.

MLB Roundup 10/25: Atlanta moves on to the World Series

It’ll be Braves-Astros for the title.

MLB Roundup 10/22: Chris Taylor helps power Dodgers back to Atlanta

And a forgettable day in the AFL.

MLB Roundup 10/21: Braves move one win away from pennant

And Jeter Downs keeps mashing in Arizona.

MLB Roundup 10/20: Cody Bellinger saves the Dodgers season

And Aaron Boone is staying put in New York.

MLB Roundup 10/19: Mets struggling to fill front office

And a quiet day in Arizona.

MLB Roundup 10/18: Another Atlanta Walk-Off

And MLB actually makes a good move for minor leaguers.

MLB Roundup 10/15: Dodgers advance to the NLCS

With a little controversy for good measure.

MLB Roundup 10/14: Craig Kimbrel & Arizona Fall League

But not together.

MLB Roundup 10/12: Houston moves on to play Boston in ALCS

And the Braves have advanced as well.

MLB Roundup 10/11: Giants outduel Max Scherzer

And the other ALDS gets delayed a day.

MLB Roundup 10/11: No series end over the weekend

And we get four games on Monday.

MLB Roundup 10/9: The Giants strike first

And the Astros take a commanding series lead.

MLB Roundup 10/8: Houston takes Game One of their series

A bad day for all Sox.

MLB Roundup 10/7: Chris Taylor sends L.A. to the NLDS

Plus, extensions and managerial decisions.

MLB Roundup 2/10: The Giants sign Jake McGee

And the Marlins grab an outfielder.

MLB Roundup 2/9: MLB, MLBPA agrees on 2021 health and safety protocols

And Yadi stays put.

MLB Roundup 2/8: Mets sign Albert Almora

This could have an effect on a top Red Sox target.

MLB Roundup 2/6: Trevor Bauer signs in L.A.

And another big-name free agent goes to Atlanta.

MLB Roundup 2/4: Alex Colomé signs with the Twins

And a former star comes to the AL East.

MLB Roundup 2/3: Twins re-sign Nelson Cruz

And the Rays bring back Chris Archer.

MLB Roundup 2/1: MLB proposes 154-game season, players expected to reject

There’s a variety of reasons this won’t happen.

MLB Roundup 1/31: Phillies sign Didi Gregorius

The shortstop returns to Philly.

MLB Roundup 1/30: Nolan Arenado being traded to the Cardinals

Most likely, at least.


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