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MLB Roundup

MLB Roundup 4/5: Rays trade Austin Meadows to the Tigers

And the White Sox add some pitching.

MLB Roundup 4/4: Padres acquire Sean Manaea in trade with Athletics

The A’s make another trade to strip down.

MLB Roundup 3/25: Jays dump some salary, extend Chapman

And a couple of outfielders come off the board.

MLB Roundup 3/19: Twins sign Carlos Correa

Some stunning news to wake up to.

MLB Roundup 3/18: Ryan Tepera signs with the Angels

A bit of a quieter day around the league.

MLB Roundup 3/17: Freddie Freeman signs with the Dodgers

And it was a helluva busy Wednesday

MLB Roundup 3/16: Anthony Rizzo heads back to New York

And Matt Olson is staying in Atlanta for a long time.

MLB Roundup 3/15: Braves trade for Matt Olson

And the Reds continue their firesale.

MLB Roundup 3/14: The Twins and Yankees make a deal

And a 2021 Red Sox pitcher finds a new team.

MLB Roundup 3/13: Mets trade for Chris Bassitt

And the pitching market keeps moving.

MLB Roundup 3/12: Clayton Kershaw returns to the Dodgers

And the Giants make a pitching addition of their own.

MLB-imposed deadline for a new CBA pushed back to Tuesday

We may get an on-time season after all.

MLB Roundup 12/30: Kyle Seager announces his retirement

Surprising news in a dead period of the winter.

MLB Roundup 12/20: Athletics to promote Mark Kotsay to manager

Another former Red Sox player in the dugout.

MLB Roundup 12/20: Mets hire Buck Showalter

Some baseball news, which is rare these days.

MLB Roundup 12/2: Marcus Stroman signs with the Cubs

And other transactions that made it in before the lockout.

MLB Roundup 12/1: Javier Báez signs in Detroit

The Tigers make a big splash in free agency.

MLB Roundup 11/30: Corey Seager signs with the Rangers

And the Mariners bring in their own big name by signing Robbie Ray.

MLB Roundup 11/29: Max Scherzer nearing deal with Mets

That’s only the tip of the iceberg from Sunday.

MLB Roundup 11/19: MVPs announced

And we got a unanimous winner in the American League.

MLB Roundup 11/18: Justin Verlander re-signs with the Astros

And another starting pitcher comes off the board.

MLB Roundup 11/17: Thor to L.A. and Berríos staying in Toronto

Plus, Manager of the Year winners.

MLB Roundup 11/16: Rookies of the Year announced

And the Mets finally make a move with their front office.

MLB Roundup 11/15: Minor moves for the Rays

It’s a slow, slow, slow offseason to start.

MLB Roundup 11/12: Xander Bogaerts and Rafael Devers among Silver Slugger winners

Boston sweeps the left side of the infield.

MLB Roundup 11/10: Rumor roundup

And a walk off in Arizona.

MLB Roundup 11/8: Andrew Heaney signs with Dodgers

And a good young pitcher could be available.

MLB Roundup 11/8: Qualifying offers and Gold Gloves

Who will have draft pick compensation attached in free agency?

MLB Roundup 11/6: Seiya Suzuki to be posted

And the Reds give away Wade Miley

MLB Roundup 11/5: Option decisions start to roll in

A few players could be of interest for the Red Sox.

MLB Roundup 11/4: Buster Posey to announce retirement

And a catcher on the move elsewhere.

MLB Roundup 11/3: The Braves win the World Series

And the 2021 season is a wrap.