Fewer years than expected


How often does that happen?

Panda "done pending physical"


One hurdle left to clear for the new 3B. Never a guarantee though.

2015 Red Sox defense?


Not a bad looking group.

Trade Cespedes, keep the kids?


Hopefully 2015 rebuild part 2 keeps Mookie & X.

Levels to the Lester situation


Something I wrote at my little blog about the Lester Situation. Not a bad move, but the Sox shouldn't have to do it

Olney reporting Peavy to the Giants


Peavey to Giants

Why the Sox really should trade Lester?


1. Jon Lester, Red Sox Jon Lester has just as polished a resume as David Price except with two World Series rings added to the mix. Like the other players on this list, Lester has been a lifer with his first team, coming up with the Red Sox in 2006 and never looking back. He is 109-63 with a 3.66 ERA in his career. So why have the Red Sox not given Lester a long-term deal in the final year of his contract? Since the Carl Crawford-Adrian Gonzalez debacle, the Red Sox have shied away from big deals that usually come back to haunt teams. Lester is likely looking for Tanaka (if not Kershaw) money in 2015 and beyond, but the Red Sox probably won’t give him that. What would they get by trading Lester as a rental to a contending team in 2014? They would likely get a nice prospect or two. Better yet, the goodbye needn’t be forever. After the Red Sox finish their not-so-promising 2014 season, the two parties coud get together and make a deal for the future. The price would be just a few months of separation, but the return would be considerable for the Red Sox as an organization.

Little Big Men of the Red Sox


The Red Sox seem to specialize in relatively small players who make a big impact on the field.

The International Draft (Hardball Times)


An interesting Hardball Times article about MLB's desire for an International Draft. Fairly balanced perspective with a focus on MLB draft history and the difficulties of implementing said Int. Draft.

.500 so whats next?


A serious match up. I know its early in the season but who takes this series? I would love it if they could lift themselves above 500 with this series but I'm not sure they are ready for it yet. While the Rangers aren't ripping it up themselves they are still a decent gauge of the competition in the AL.