That's some Garciapower


Derek who? Hall of What?

Congrats Connor Seabold!


AAA pitcher of the week!

Brock Holt: pitcher edition



Bill Mueller was grand in 2003


Two grand slams! As a switch hitter! One from each side! On his way to a batting title! Can you believe it?

Kiké Hernández gets Player of the Week honors!


After this last week carrying the Sox almost every game he sure deserved it.

Devers is making history


Those are good names as your comps! Wow!

Welcome aboard Marcelo Mayer!


We'll be watching your career with great interest

The first Fenway no-no


Sounds like a good game

Daniel Bard as good as ever


What a turnaround! So happy for an old friend.

Xander will pass Nomar, where does he stop?


If he stays in Boston, he'll be the player with the most games at short for sure.