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Fanpost Fridays

FanPost Friday: Making new predictions

The tone of the season is changing. How about your expectations?

FanPost Friday: Favorite positive from this season

Let’s get positive, shall we?

FanPost Friday: What needs to happen?

Give me your realistic, optimistic prognostication.

FanPost Friday: First impressions of the 2022 Red Sox

What are you thinking a couple weeks into the season?

FanPost Friday: What’s the Whitlock plan?

How would you utilize Boston’s most interesting pitcher?

FanPost Friday: Bold Predictions

Let’s hear what you got for predictions before the season gets underway.

FanPost Friday: Prioritize what’s next

The lockout is over. Now, so much is about to happen.

FanPost Friday: Missing Spring

What are we missing most about spring?

FanPost Friday: Choose a new commissioner

The current one is not quite working out.

FanPost Friday: Creating a Fraken-Red Sox player

With a couple of catches.

FanPost Friday: Talking about David Ortiz

In whatever way you’d like.

FanPost Friday: Your Hall of Fame ballot

It’s that time of year.

FanPost Friday: Hitting the redo button

You can change one thing, but must live with the consequences of what happens next.

FanPost Friday: A bold 2022 prediction

What will happen in the coming year?

FanPost Friday: Your most exciting Red Sox addition

Who do you remember being over the moon about?

FanPost Friday: What would be your priority for baseball?

You can put anything you want in the CBA.

FanPost Friday: What’s your next move in the outfield?

After the Hunter Renfroe trade, what’s next?

FanPost Friday: For what are you thankful?

Folks, it’s almost Thanksgiving.

FanPost Friday: Who should be protected?

There are some interesting decisions to be made next week.

FanPost Friday: Offseason Wishlist

What needs to get done?

FanPost Friday: 2021’s lasting memory

What will be the one thing we all remember from this year?

FanPost Friday: The key player for the weekend

Who can swing things for the Red Sox?

FanPost Friday: Who, or what, is the X-Factor?

The classic pre-series question.

FanPost Friday: What happens next?

Predict the rest of this series.

FanPost Friday: Let’s get positive

We need a break from the misery, ya know?

FanPost Friday: Takeaways from the farm

What stood out with you?

FanPost Friday: Mapping out the rotation

Who starts when, and how do you line things up?

FanPost Friday: How to balance everything

Put on your Alex Cora mask for a minute, will ya?

FanPost Friday: Predict the ending

FanPost Friday: What to do in the bullpen

How would you handle the struggling Matt Barnes and all of the other moving pieces?

FanPost Friday: How to line up

There are a lot of moving pieces with the Red Sox right now. What’s the best way for them to be arranged?

FanPost Friday: Chris Sale Expectations

What’s he going to provide?