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Contributor, Over the Monster

Red Sox Player Power Rankings: Macho Man Magic

With two months of the season in the books, whose stock is rising and who needs to bounce back?

Red Sox Player Power Rankings: April Powers

How has everyone performed through the first month of the season?

A Red Sox Fan’s Guide to the 2023 Fantasy Baseball Season

Here’s a look at who to draft on the Red Sox and when to draft them.

Red Sox Links: Kenley Jansen Wants to Speed Things Up

Plus what’s going on with Noah Song and beef about Triston Casas’ tanning.

2023 Positional Preview: Starting Pitchers And The Multiverse Of Madness

In another timeline, the Red Sox 2023 rotation would be led by three perennial Cy Young contenders. In our reality, the staff will hope to capitalize on the latent talent of healthy former aces while cultivating the next generation of frontline hurlers.

Red Sox Links: The Young Starters Are in Good Hands

Plus Connor Wong is trying to bulk up and John Henry is woefully out of touch.

Red Sox Links: Chris Sale Has a Lot Riding on His Shoulders

Plus Rafael Devers’ focus this spring training and a potential breakout reliever.

Things We’re Terrified Of In 2023: The Baltimore Orioles Being Legitimately Good

The American League East was already difficult with three really good teams.

Red Sox Links: Holding Out for a Leader (or a Few)

Plus tidbits from Alex Cora’s spring training kickoff press conference and good and bad news about Adalberto Mondesí.

Red Sox Links: Masataka Yoshida is in the Building

Plus a look at the starting rotation, the schedule and more.