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Mike Carlucci in a baseball analyst and blogger. He is a contributing writer for Over the Monster. His work has also been featured at The Sports Post, Sports of Boston, and The Next Web. Find him on Twitter @mikecarlucci

Game 151: Red Sox at Rangers

It’s Millar Time™️

OTM Open Thread 9/18: It is Monday


Game 150: Red Sox at Blue Jays

Quest for .500

Game 149: Red Sox at Blue Jays

Sale away on the Block Island Ferry

Game 148: Red Sox at Blue Jays

Playing out the string

OTM Open Thread 9/15-9/18: It is Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

A new day dawns

Game 147: Yankees at Red Sox

What, no rain?!?!

OTM Open Thread 9/14: It is Thursday

Throwback to Tuesday

Game 146: Yankees at Red Sox

Fool me once, shame on me…

OTM Open Thread 9/13: It is Wednesday

Chaim Bloom, like Mario, is missing