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Mike Carlucci in a baseball analyst and blogger. He is a contributing writer for Over the Monster. His work has also been featured at The Sports Post, Sports of Boston, and The Next Web. Find him on Twitter @mikecarlucci

Game 152: Red Sox at Yankees

One more game...let’s do this pitching staff!

OTM Open Thread 9/25: It is Sunday

Almost there

Game 151: Red Sox at Yankees

Halfway there

OTM Open Thread 9/24: It is Saturday

Number 99 homered!

Game 150: Red Sox at Yankees

What even is this picture? Who cares!

OTM Open Thread 9/23: It is Friday

Judge not...

Game 149: Red Sox at Yankees

Don’t make history

OTM Open Thread 9/22: It is Thursday

This could get rough

Game 148: Red Sox at Reds

Last game outside the division

OTM Open Thread 9/21: It is Wednesday

Let’s sweep