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Dominoes Begin to Fall into Place

Cora to manage Sox in 2024; says Opening Day will be Sale Day

Kim Ng for President (of Baseball Operations)

Thank you, John Tomase, for reading my mind — and now let’s amplify

Minor Lines 9/19: Greenville Wins Championship; WooSox Eliminated from Postseason Contention

Drive are champs for second time in franchise history!

Music To My Ears

Prayers really can be answered!

Minor Lines 9/12: Woo Sox Cruise, Sea Dogs Rally, Drive Win First Postseason Game Since 2017

Kluber looks good in rehab start; Woo Sox set HR record

Ceddanne of the Future

Small sample size be damned!

Minor Lines 9/5: Roman Anthony and Kyle Teel Get First Hits in AA

WooSox Pull it Off in Bottom of Ninth but the Rest of the Farm Take the Loss

Waiver Wire Blues

Guardians Claim Three of Six Discarded Angels

Minor Lines 8/29: Strong Noah Song

Noah Song has a good night; WooSox hold onto first place

Yer Outta Here! An Umpire State of Mind Amid the Rise of Robo-Umps

Rage and anxiety in the age of machines