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Giving Thanks (Baseball Edition)

As a Sox fan, I’m thankful for two main things right now.

2023 in Review: Alex Verdugo’s Up-Then-Down Year

Taking bets on how much longer he’ll remain on the team...

Poor Alek Thomas 

What does an awful World Series error do to a player?

Casual Friday In Red Sox Nation

Scattered thoughts on the week that was

Smash or Pass: Teoscar Hernández

He’s a player that Sox fans would love, but do we need another OF/DH right now?

Ode to Nasty Nate

Playoff Nate, Nitro, Big Game Nate – call him what you want, he’s one hell of a postseason competitor

Requiem For A Baseball Season

When is it time to stop feeling sad?

Dominoes Begin to Fall into Place

Cora to manage Sox in 2024; says Opening Day will be Sale Day

Kim Ng for President (of Baseball Operations)

Thank you, John Tomase, for reading my mind — and now let’s amplify

Minor Lines 9/19: Greenville Wins Championship; WooSox Eliminated from Postseason Contention

Drive are champs for second time in franchise history!