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Red Sox Sign Closer Liam Hendriks to a 2-Year, $10 Million Deal

The Red Sox got a good one, but it probably won’t matter for 2024.

John Henry’s Legacy Is On The Line

What if the same man who helped break the curse ends up ushering in a new one?

Masataka Yoshida’s Major League Outlook Remains a Mystery

We still don’t know exactly how productive Yoshida can be at the major league level, and that might actually be a good thing.

Even If All Goes Right, the Red Sox Have a Problem on Their Left

Lineup balance is going to be an issue sooner rather than later.

Why Wasn’t Marcelo Mayer at Trevor Story’s Offseason Camp?

Should we be worried?

A Peek Into Lucas Giolito’s Online Peak

Lucas Giolito has some online history that’s worth checking out.

The Only Card The Red Sox Can Afford To Play Next Is An Ace

Yoshinobu Yamamoto isn’t just someone who would be nice to have, he’s someone the Red Sox need.