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Breslow on the Throne

Keaton and Bob discussed the hiring of Craig Breslow as CBO, recapped the MLB playoffs to date, and reviewed some interesting Red Sox-related fan surveys.

The One About Pitching

Jake, Keaton, and Bob reminisce about the life of Tim Wakefield and the managerial career of Terry Francona, before attempting to fix the starting rotation from top to bottom in 2024.

The Red Seat: Optimistic Offseason Preview

Jake, Keaton, and Bob begin their offseason preview attempting to improve the starting nine in 2024, position-by-position.

The Red Seat Podcast: Bye, Bye Bloom

Jake, Keaton, and Bob discuss the end of the Chaim Bloom Era, look ahead to the search for the next GM, and discuss which players should be the core of the next great Red Sox team.

The Red Seat Podcast: More Snacks

Jake, Keaton, and Bob discuss the ugly scene on defense the past four seasons, Triston Casas’ ROY push, and a few players showing late-season fatigue.

The Red Seat: Rafaela Coming

Keaton and Bob recap the week against the Astros and Dodgers, discuss the promotion of Ceddanne Rafaela, and try to make sense of the recent bullpen management.

The Red Seat Podcast: Sox Roster Shake-Up

In this episode we say goodbye to Kiké while also welcoming back some old friends.

Time Is Running Out

Jake, Keaton, and Bob review the series against the Cubs, discuss the James Paxton conundrum, and whether Kiké is long for this team.

The Red Seat Podcast: Everybody’s Hurt

Jake, Keaton, and Bob review the way the Sox depth continues to be tested, who remains on the farm, and which arms could end up in Boston via trade.

Still At The Bottom

Jake, Keaton, and Bob discuss potential Red Sox trade pieces if the most .500 team of all-time decides to sell at the deadline.