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Dueling Rookie of the Years? Dueling Rookie of The Years.

Something very exciting could happen this year

The Red Sox Need New Uniforms

Before you get mad, read the article

I’m Not Afraid Anymore!

Well, maybe a little bit. But much less than I was before!

It Cannot Be That Hard To Be a General Manager

It just can’t!

The Grinch Who Stole Soxmas

Every fan down in Boston liked the Sox a lot... But the Grinch, who lived just west of Boston, did NOT!

The Red Sox Holiday Gift Guide

10 Things John Henry Can Buy With $300 Million Instead of Paying Rafael Devers

Rafael Devers wants $300 million. Here are 10 other things that cost $300 million.

The Red Sox “That Guy” All-Stars

They’re not the best players on the Red Sox, but they are players on the Red Sox.