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2023 Offseason Outlook: Outfield

The Red Sox have retooled their outfield, part by choice and part by necessity.

Is It Going To Be Awesome?

Jake and Bob discuss the Trevor Story situation and Chaim Bloom’s "awesome" Rafael Devers press conference.

The Clouds Have Lifted — But What’s Next?

The Red Sox cornerstone third baseman will be in Boston through 2033. So what does the Rafael Devers extension say about the Red Sox now?

New Year’s Red Sox-lutions

Justin Turner, Hoy Park, and everything in between. Plus, our Red Sox New Year’s Resolutions.

The Red Seat Podcast: Our Turn to Talk Xander

In this episode we let all of our frustrations about Chaim Bloom and John Henry spill out in a 90 minute therapy session.

The OTM Irish Wake In Celebration Of Rick Porcello

Gather ‘round, raise a glass, and say goodbye.

2023 Offseason Outlook: Shortstop

If this is the end of the line for Bogaerts, shame on the Red Sox.

Winter’s Cold, The Hot Stove Is Too

In this episode of the Red Seat Podcast, Keaton, Bob, and Jake discuss the slow moving offseason and Ryan Brasier and his nine lives.

2023 Offseason Outlook: Third Base

Sign Rafael Devers please.

2023 Offseason Outlook: Second Base

This one is pretty simple, leave Trevor Story where he is and be done with it.