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Red Sox 6, Cardinals 8: James Backston

James Paxton looked sharp in his return, but the bullpen just didn’t have it tonight

Red Sox Links: James Paxton has a Start Date

Plus: prospect updates and more

Connor Wong: The Catcher of Tomorrow

The rookie is staking a claim at being the Red Sox catcher for a long time.

Red Sox 5, Phillies 3: Ace up the Sleeve

Chris Sale is back. For Real. Maybe.

Red Sox Links: The Connor Wong Show

Plus: A reset for Triston Casas, injury updates, and more

Tanner Houck Belongs in the Bullpen

Right now, he doesn’t have the arsenal of a complete starter.

Red Sox 2, Guardians 5: Running Into a Wall

Squandered opportunities and lackluster pitching made for a long Friday night

Red Sox Links: The Roster Carousel Continues

Plus: A manager spat, a prospect interview, and more

You Need to Kut It: Kutter Crawford Needs To Be In The Red Sox Rotation

He’s certainly got the arsenal for it.

Red Sox 5, Brewers 3: Blue Collar Baseball