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That's baseball, baby. @FitzyMoPena on Twitter.

Who Did The Red Sox Pick To Win March Madness?

The ball is tipped, and there you are...

Miguel Bleis, Backyard Baseball, and Steven Tyler

It’s mailbag day with the Pod On Lansdowne boys!

Chris Sale, the World Baseball Classic, and Caffeine Habits

The Pod On Lansdowne fellas play a rousing round of Who He Play For, MLB edition!

5 Red Sox Bets I Wish I Could Make With Mobile Sports Betting Now Legal

Mobile sports betting in Massachusetts opens Friday; let’s celebrate with some hypothetical wagers.

Devers, Yoshida Headline Red Sox Reps for World Baseball Classic

The international tourney begins March 8.

Kiké Hernández And The Mud Pie Affair

Baseball players: they’re just like us!

The Pitch Clock, Matt Barnes, and Uncle O’Grimacey

The Pod On Lansdowne boys have some thoughts on these new baseball rules.

John Henry, Alex Verdugo, and Alternate Uniforms

The Pod On Lansdowne guys are in need of new alternate threads—and new toes.

Let’s Make A Deal: What Contract Would You Offer Alex Verdugo?

The outfielder is due for a payday soon—will the Red Sox give him the bag?

What The Deuce: Justin Turner, Xander Bogaerts, And The Number 2

Boston’s new corner infielder will be wearing numero dos—whether you care or not.