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Minor Lines 8/27/23: Dalbec Dings, Rafaela Rakes

With September roster expansion four days away, Worcester has some usual suspects contributing to a high-offense game.

Minor Lines 8/23/23: Yu Gotta Believe

With roster expansion just a week away, Worcester, the lone winner, has lots of fringe Major League guys to consider, and it showed in their win.

Red Sox 3, Astros 7: Hello Errors, My Old Friend

Defensive errors and stranding runners were the Red Sox’s biggest shortcoming in a loss to the Astros... hmm, have you heard this before?

Minor Lines 8/20/23: Drohan Drubbed Again

Worcester suffered a 13-1 loss including another rough Shane Drohan start, and overall the farm struck out 44 times in total in a .500 day.

Minor Lines 8/16/23: Help Is Here: His Name’s Houck

In his final rehab start following a facial fracture, Tanner Houck allowed just one hit in four innings.

Red Sox 5, Nationals 4: Big Time Bullpen

After a troubling start, the bullpen (and defense!) went 4 2⁄3 scoreless innings to secure the win for the Red Sox.

Minor Lines 8/13/23: The Wilyer Abreu Game

The Worcester outfielder hit 3 home runs Sunday, and most of the rest of the farm were swinging for the fences, too.

Minor Lines 8/9/23: Whitlock’s Final Rehab Appearance

Worcester won behind a good start from Garrett Whitlock, but across the board, the strikeout frequency continues offensively.

Red Sox 3, Royals 9: Rough Start To The Story

Trevor Story was hitless in his 2023 debut, but it would not have mattered, because the pitching was pretty horrendous in this game from the start.

Minor Lines 8/6/23: Sale a Strikeout Machine in Worcester

Also, Trevor Story hits another home run.