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2022 Year In Review: Triston, My House Is Your House

Triston Casas proved to be right at home making his big league debut in 2022. But, given that he still has a few things to work on before becoming the storied prospect fans hope he can be, was he really that good? Probably.

2022 in Review: Matt Barnes Does A Jekyll And Hyde Impression

Matt Barnes signed a contract extension in 2021 just in time to start performing a lot worse. He may have cleared some issues up by the end of 2022, but where do we go from here?

2022 In Review: Rob Refsnyder, Platoon Sergeant

Rob Refsnyder was better than ever before in 2022. What can he parlay this into?

Red Sox 6, Rays 0 (F/5): When It Rains, It Scores

Though the weather shortened Tuesday night’s game, there was no shortage on offense from the Red Sox’s bats.

The Look Ahead: Looking Into The Future Funhouse Mirror

The Red Sox’s agonizing season is finally at a close. So as our Chief Baseball Officer faces his former office, are fans optimistic about an upward trajectory for the upcoming offseason? (Hint: not really.)

The Look Ahead: An Ode to Pivetta And The Merciful Final Weekend

As the Red Sox look to play spoiler against a division rival, one thing that won’t be spoiled is the appreciation of three pitchers in three different places in their careers, and their quest for 2023 stability.

The Look Ahead: It’s All In The Game

After a four game series in The Bronx, the Red Sox return to Fenway to face an Orioles team finding their first successful campaign in some time.

The Look Ahead: He’s Staying? We’ll Be The Judge Of That

The Red Sox meet up for four in The Bronx in a series that doesn’t have too much on the line. But let’s talk about a hole in the Red Sox outfield and one, very big hitter who could fill it.

The Look Ahead: It’s Getting Chili Soon, But Let’s Beat The Reds First

The Sox head to Cinci for two.

The Look Ahead: This Is All Probably Completely Meaningless. . . Unless It Might Not Be

The Sox take on the Royals this weekend in a series a lot of people won’t care about. But there are still plenty of reasons to watch.