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Hello Darkness, My Old... Duran?

Our short-term solution to a second baseman couldn’t possibly be a guy we’ve become acquainted to seeing in the outfield, is it?

2022 In Review: Dalbec in Disarray

Is there a future — or even a present — for Bobby Bombs on this team?

The New DH In Town? Is This a Head-Scratcher or a Head-Turner?

With J.D. Martinez’s departure and the arrival of Justin Turner, "who’s better?" is an easy question to ask. But with that question comes even more confusing questions to follow.

The OTM Irish Wake In Celebration Of Xander Bogaerts

It’s time to say goodbye.

2022 In Review: Is John Schreiber For Real? (Please, Can He Be?)

After a strong showing in AAA in 2021, John Schreiber became, perhaps, Boston’s most reliable reliever in 2022. Let’s appreciate that and try not to ponder the reality of a repeat performance in 2023.

2022 In Review: Oof, It’s Time For The Ryan Brasier Article

The Red Sox bullpen certainly showed both its flaws and opportunities to be better in 2022. Ryan Brasier definitely presented both of these.

2022 in Review: Time Is Running Out For Jarren Duran

A once highly-touted prospect, Jarren Duran still shows some flashes of brilliance, but they are quickly being overshadowed by his limitations. Can he become a more dependable everyday starter?

2022 Year In Review: Triston, My House Is Your House

Triston Casas proved to be right at home making his big league debut in 2022. But, given that he still has a few things to work on before becoming the storied prospect fans hope he can be, was he really that good? Probably.

2022 in Review: Matt Barnes Does A Jekyll And Hyde Impression

Matt Barnes signed a contract extension in 2021 just in time to start performing a lot worse. He may have cleared some issues up by the end of 2022, but where do we go from here?

2022 In Review: Rob Refsnyder, Platoon Sergeant

Rob Refsnyder was better than ever before in 2022. What can he parlay this into?