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2023 In Review: Tanner Houck, Reliever Extraordinaire?

Tanner Houck struggled a bit in a season in which he was mainly in the rotation. Is this a sign to move him back to the bullpen, or does he just need more time?

Smash or Pass: Eduardo Rodriguez

No need to adjust your eyes. You’re reading it right. Would an old friend consider coming back for 2024, and would we consider having him?

2023 In Review: Clocks Stand Still For Chris Martin

Chris Martin was Boston’s most reliable reliever in 2023. What happens in 2024?

2023 In Review: Kenley Jansen Is Closing Out His Legacy

Badly placed pun aside, will Jansen’s modest decline be a liability in 2024?

2023 In Review: Should Rafael Devers Have Been Extended After All?

The answer to your question, by the way, is yes, of course... but Rafi’s production needs to improve in 2024 and beyond.

Red Sox 7, Rays 9: Solidified As A Losing Team

This was not HOUCK it was supposed to go. Bad joke aside, maybe it was.

Minor Lines 9/20/23: Farm Imitates Life

Worcester is the only farm team still going. The game did not go well.

Minor Lines 9/17/23: Portland Breaks Team Single-Game Run Record

Three wins for the farm, including a Championship Round victory for Greenville behind some remarkable pitching.

Minor Lines 9/13/23: Catch As Catch Can - Teel, Hickey, Scott All Look Good

As we pontificate over who will be on the 40-man roster in the spring, catcher remains a tough position to call.

Red Sox 1, Yankees 4: As Bad As It Gets

After a heartbreaking loss this afternoon, the Red Sox played even less inspired baseball in the nightcap.