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Here Are Some Kodai Senga Highlights To Help You Pretend You Know Something About Kodai Senga

Because people have takes and you should too.

Red Sox Links: So Many Holes

Plus, Dancing On My Own-Gate just won’t go away.

The Complete Guide To Winter League Baseball

There’s still lots of baseball out there.

Red Sox Free Agency And The Limits Of “Value”

The Over The Monster Podcast discusses Xander Bogaerts, the World Series, and more.

Christian Vazquez Tweeted A Thing

A thing. Yup, that’s what he tweeted.

Why Is John Henry Selling Liverpool, And What Does It Mean For The Red Sox?

If you think this impacts how the Red Sox will approach free agency, think again.

Red Sox Links: What Will It Take To Keep Xander Bogaerts?

Oh, and Jonathan Papelbon said something dumb again.

Just How Injured Were The 2022 Red Sox?

It turns out, the Sox can’t really use injuries as excuse after all.

The OTM Random* Poll Of The Week**

Dusty Baker Forgot What Makes The Astros The Astros

Dusty Baker has the deepest pitching staff in baseball at his disposal. He should probably use it.