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Meet The New Guy: Hoy Park

He plays all over the diamond and is near elite in one particular area.

So, About That Gammons Tweet. . .

The sportswriting legend claims that Bogaerts has severed ties with the Red Sox

Meet The New Guy: Joely Rodriguez

He’s a free agent reliever signed for just over $1 million, so don’t expect too much. But there are reasons to believe he can be better next year.

Red Sox Links: Absolutely Nothing Noteworthy Is Happening Right Now

Red Sox Links: The Red Sox Need Pitching, And Look, It’s The World Cup!

Plus, the Rafael Devers extension talks still have a long way to go.

2022 In Review: The Bionic, Mediocre Man

Is Nick Pivetta good? We’re not sure, but he’s definitely taking the ball.

Red Sox Links: Nimmo, Judge, Conforto — Will There Be Any New Names in the Red Sox Outfield?

Plus, some words that were said about Xander Bogaerts and Rafael Devers.

Here Are Some Kodai Senga Highlights To Help You Pretend You Know Something About Kodai Senga

Because people have takes and you should too.

Red Sox Links: So Many Holes

Plus, Dancing On My Own-Gate just won’t go away.

The Complete Guide To Winter League Baseball

There’s still lots of baseball out there.