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Shocker! It Is Cheaper to Have Cost-Controlled Guys Than to Not Have Them

In a stunning upset, words mean things.

Zack Hample Is A Con Man

He wants your attention... right up until he doesn’t.

Alex Cora Said What?

Is the manager sending signals?

Red Sox 7, A’s 0: Huge Nick Energy

The Sox jumped out to a lead and Nick Pivetta turned in a historic relief appearance in an easy win.

Red Sox 9 Twins 3: It’s Electric, Dugie-Oogie-Oogie

Alex Verdugo and James Paxton come up big for Boston’s fifth straight win.

Rockies 4, Red Sox 3: Offense Sabotages Self, Wastes James Paxton’s Gem

The 10th inning was a disaster after James Paxton’s strong start and several good chances gone bad, and then the rain hit and went on for long enough for everyone to watch the NBA season end.. and only then did the Sox finally lose.

Chaim Bloom Is a Terrible Liar

Matt Dermody shouldn’t be starting today.

All the Sox’s Good Moves Were Good, It Turns Out

If you ignore the bad stuff, the Red Sox can do no wrong!

Rays 4, Red Sox 1: Time to Take an L and Have a Ourselves a Big Mac Attack

The Sox fell, again, to the Rays and AL Cy Young favorite Shane McClanahan.

What I Learned in 2004 (That You Can Use Tonight)

The Celtics try to match the Sox’s signature accomplishment.