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Of Course This Is A 5-Year Rebuild

2021 was a happy outlier that muddles an otherwise obvious plan.

I’ve Been Yoshida-Pilled

I see the projections and I believe them and it makes me... happy? What?

The Clouds Have Lifted — But What’s Next?

The Red Sox cornerstone third baseman will be in Boston through 2033. So what does the Rafael Devers extension say about the Red Sox now?

Steve Cohen: Good For Baseball, Or Great For Baseball?

The criminal billionaire is setting free agency on fire.

Moneyball, The Big Short, And The Ultimate Bait-And-Switch

Trying to make sense of it all.

Do You Really Want John Henry To Sell The Red Sox?

Reminder: things could be worse — way, way worse.

The OTM Irish Wake In Celebration (??) Of Jeter Downs

It’s time to say goodbye, again.

Chaim Bloom Chose This

His plan may work, but if it doesn’t, the decision to undo the good work of his predecessors is likely to blame.

The Red Seat Podcast: Our Turn to Talk Xander

In this episode we let all of our frustrations about Chaim Bloom and John Henry spill out in a 90 minute therapy session.

The Day Xander Bogaerts Left: The Podcast (feat. Sadness)

He’s gone.