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Are The Red Sox Still The Red Sox?

Or are they the Team of Theseus?

Red Sox Go To Netflix In Naked, Overdue Attempt To Relate To Public

You’re gonna get more of the 2024 Red Sox than you ever could have wanted.

The Red Sox in Free Fall

You can’t live in a delusion forever when the stakes are this high.

The Red Sox Are Done Dealing in Delusion, And You Should Be Too

There’s no need to shift blame for the last four years. Everyone’s at fault.

The OTM Irish Wake In Celebration of Chris Sale

So long to an ace.

Why “Genius at Work?” Is Not the Right Craig Breslow Question

We’re much better off for it.

Craig Breslow and the Known Unknowns

What’s going to happen after the Alex Verdugo deal? Who the shit knows?

The OTM Irish Wake of Alex Verdugo

We say goodbye to a mercurial talent.

Craig Breslow Starts His Tenure With A Chef’s Kiss

Sending Alex Verdugo to the Yankees closes out the Mookie Betts trade in hilarious fashion.

Is Shohei Ohtani to the Sox a Pipe Dream?

Dan and Bryan talk Ohtani, Juan Soto and Billy Shakes.