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Red Sox Prospects with Baseball America’s Geoff Pontes

Geoff Pontes of Baseball America stopped by to discuss the current Red Sox system, recent prospect graduates, and the upcoming MLB Draft.

Minor Lines 6/1/23: Isaac Coffey Can’t Be Stopped

Three excellent starting pitching performances, led by a third straight gem from Isaac Coffey, but just one win to show for it.

The Red Seat Podcast: Having A Baja Blast Talking Trades

Jake, Keaton, and Bob discuss a bad defensive Red Sox team, trade targets, and Taco Bell.

Tanner Houck Is Doing It

Jake, Keaton, and Bob discuss a major shake up in the rotation, Tanner Houck’s pitch mix changes, and an impending logjam on the hitting side.

What Could Have Been: A Look At The Free Agent Pitchers The Sox Didn’t Sign

In light of the Corey Kluber move to the bullpen, where else could the Red Sox have spent their money last offseason?

Minor Lines 5/18: Shane Drohan’s Debut

A wild night on the farm featured three walk-offs, two extra inning games, and new level debuts from Shane Drohan and Grant Gambrell.

Ryan Brasier Is Finally Gone

Jake and Bob discuss Kenley Jansen’s meltdowns, The Ryan Brasier Era, and try to decipher where Adalberto Mondesi is.

Wins Are Fun!

Keaton and Bob discussed takeaways from an eight-game win streak, Masa Yoshida’s legendary week, and how James Paxton’s return will affect the staff.

Minor Lines 5/4/23: Shane Drohan Is Dealing

Drohan continues to shine, Mata continues to miss the mark, and Joely starts his rehab.

Is Kenley Jansen the best closer in baseball?

The Red Seat Podcast is back and better than ever