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Game 52: Red Sox at Diamondbacks

The Return of the King

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Mi Casas Es Su Casas?

Stick with him; I have a really good feeling about this

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Ah Shoot, The Diamondbacks Are Good

The Monsters Of Sox are back.

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Minor Lines 5/26: Ceddanne Rafaela Shows Signs Of Life

Plus, Marcelo Mayer keeps hitting.

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OTM Open Thread 5/26: It is the Weekend

A looooooong one

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What Could Have Been: A Look At The Free Agent Pitchers The Sox Didn’t Sign

In light of the Corey Kluber move to the bullpen, where else could the Red Sox have spent their money last offseason?

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The Latest

The Full OTM/BreakingT Tee Collection

All of our shirts in one place.

Red Sox 7, Diamondbacks 2: Back on Track

Sox channel St. Patrick, dominate snakes

Game 51: Red Sox at Diamondbacks

Win today!

Red Sox Links: The Corey Kluber Signing Is Going To Be Debated For A Long Time

Plus, Triston Casas tries to get things going. . . again

Minor Lines 5/24/23: Shane Drohan Might Not Have Been Ready

A really bad night by all accounts from most teams, including Worcester giving up 15 runs.

Tanner Houck Is Doing It

Jake, Keaton, and Bob discuss a major shake up in the rotation, Tanner Houck’s pitch mix changes, and an impending logjam on the hitting side.

Red Sox Daily Links

What Is The Point Of Corey Kluber?

What are we doing here?

Red Sox Links: Marcelo Mayer Is A Top-Three Prospect In All Of Baseball

Plus, a handful of hitters are ready to return

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Red Sox 3, Angels 7: Halos Give Boston Hell in Sweep

This squad must feel like they’re in the lowest level of Dante’s Inferno

Minor Lines 5/23/23: Is David Hamilton Ready?

Four minor leaguers, including the 25-year-old shortstop, hit multiple home runs Tuesday night as every affiliate came away with a win.

Where In The World Is The Best Red Sox Player?

We talk about when, how and why, but rarely where?

Red Sox Links: Jarren Duranissance

Plus: prospect check-in, team depth, and more

Streaky Sox Still Cold

Offense manages just one run in last three games

Sweating, Twitching Yankees Trade Prospect To Sox

The Red Sox send Greg Allen to the Bronx as the Yankees look for outfield help.

Red Sox Links: Bullpen Blues

Plus, injury updates!

The Red Sox Need To Fix The Way They Fix Pitchers

Identifying players is one thing, developing them is another

Red Sox 1, Angels 2: Ok But Tanner Houck Shoved!

The struggling righty shines in a tough loss.

Meet The New Guy: Bradley Zimmer

He sure is fast, so he’s got that going for him.

Minor Lines 5/21/23: Whitlock and Winning

Garrett Whitlock had a successful final rehab appearance for Worcester, Dalbec walked a game off, and the farm overall looked pretty good.

Red Sox Links: Corey Kluber To Stay In The Rotation

For now, anyway.

Monday Morning Brushback: Feelin’ Stronger Every Day

The Red Sox week in review dives into Chris Sale (again), the rotation log jam, and Enmanuel Valdez.

Red Sox 0, Padres 7: Calamity Kluber

He’s the latest face in Tears of the Red Sox Nation

Red Sox 4, Padres 2: Chris Sale Is Still Back

The Sox win another one on military cosplay night.

Red Sox 6, Padres 1: Far From Home

Meet The New Guy (Belatedly): Pablo Reyes

Pablo Reyes brings joy into our lives.

Minor Lines 5/18: Shane Drohan’s Debut

A wild night on the farm featured three walk-offs, two extra inning games, and new level debuts from Shane Drohan and Grant Gambrell.

Red Sox Links: The Xander Bogaerts Series

Plus, secret weapon Kutter Crawford is back.

Does Seattle Truly Hate the Red Sox?

The short answer is a resounding yes. Let’s find out why.

Minor Lines 5/17: Just Plain Overpowered

A few blowouts received, and overall a dire lack of runs when it counts.

Off-Day Recommendation: Tears of the Kingdom, the Game of the Moment

Breath of the Wild promised an open-world game. Tears of the Kingdom presents it.

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