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Put Kiké Hernández on the Cover of MLB The Show ‘23

Baseball gamers worldwide deserve a cover goof like him.

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2022 In Review: Is This All There Is For Alex Verdugo?

Our 2022 In Review Series tackles the fading former prospect.

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Red Sox Links: The Calculus of Adalberto Mondesí Trade

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For Kiké Hernandez, Moving To Shortstop May Unlock Another Level

Is the consummate utility player a better hitter when he plays in the infield?

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OTM Open Thread 1/27: It is Friday

Last Friday of the month!

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Looking For the Next Rob Refsnyder

Which Players on Minor League Deals Will Help the Red Sox in 2023?

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The Latest

The OTM Irish Wake In Celebration Of Xander Bogaerts

It’s time to say goodbye.

Red Sox Hot Stove

Red Sox Links: Welcome to Boston, Adalberto Mondesí

Meet The New Guy: Adalberto Mondesi

He hasn’t lived up to his potential yet, but he’s still young.

Of Course This Is A 5-Year Rebuild

2021 was a happy outlier that muddles an otherwise obvious plan.

2023 Offseason Outlook: Outfield

The Red Sox have retooled their outfield, part by choice and part by necessity.

Red Sox Daily Links

Adam Duvall Could Be One Of The Best Pickups Of The Entire Offseason . . . Or He Could Be A Total Disaster

How concerned should we be about Adam Duvall’s wrist injury?

Over The Monster Discussion Hub

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The Delightful Twitter Account Of Red Sox First Baseman Triston Casas

He’s the content creator you didn’t know you needed.

Pod On Lansdowne Talks Duvall, Alfaro, and Ginger Ale

Plus: have you ever thought of a Colorado Rockies-themed roller coaster before? No? Well, get ready to do so.

Meet The New Guy: Raimel Tapia?

He might be on the Red Sox. . . for some reason.

Hello Darkness, My Old... Duran?

Our short-term solution to a second baseman couldn’t possibly be a guy we’ve become acquainted to seeing in the outfield, is it?

Meet The New Guy: Adam Duvall

He’s power hitting outfielder, something the Red Sox don’t currently have.

I’ve Been Yoshida-Pilled

I see the projections and I believe them and it makes me... happy? What?

Red Sox Links: Shoring Up the Roster is Easier Thanks to Enrique Hernández

A thorough scouring of Red Sox news and analysis from around the internet.

Is It Going To Be Awesome?

Jake and Bob discuss the Trevor Story situation and Chaim Bloom’s "awesome" Rafael Devers press conference.

Meet The New Guy: Jorge Alfaro

He’s got an elite arm to go with elite flair.

Who Should Be The Red Sox Setup Man In 2023?

The 8th inning was an issue last year. Have they fixed it?

Red Sox Links: The Sox Were Never Going To Sign Xander Bogaerts

The latest Red Sox news and links from around the tubes.

When Does The Window Open?

The Red Sox aren’t trying to win the World Series in 2023. But they won’t come out and say that.

Who Will The Red Sox Target Next?

A look behind the scenes at Chaim Bloom’s private phone calls as he desperately searches for a double-play combination.

Trevor Story, Tanner Houck, and Death Itself

The show from out of left field gets real with the only other sure thing in life besides taxes.

Kim Possible: The Solution To The Red Sox Middle Infield Woes Is Waiting In San Diego

Call him, beep him, if you wanna reach him.

Red Sox Links: Getting to the Rafael Devers Extension Was Quite a Journey

So Hey, What If Masataka Yoshida Is A Superstar?

Thanks to statistical projections, we have some hope.

How Much Power Is Left In The 2023 Red Sox Lineup?

With Trevor Story sidelined, things could be bleak.

Red Sox GIFs, Video, and Fun

Over The Monster User Guide

Take To The Mound, Bobby Dalbec!

To save his Major League career, maybe Bobby Dalbec should try being a two-way player.

2022 In Review: We Still Don’t Really Know How Good Kiké Hernandez Is

But he could be one of the most important players on the 2023 Red Sox

Pod On Lansdowne Talks Devers, Eovaldi, and Prairie Dogs

The show from out of left field is over the moon following the big news this week!