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Jerry Dipoto Says The Already Loud Part Even Louder

The truth about modern baseball is that MLB owners only kinda want to win

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The One About Pitching

Jake, Keaton, and Bob reminisce about the life of Tim Wakefield and the managerial career of Terry Francona, before attempting to fix the starting rotation from top to bottom in 2024.

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Countdown to Red Sox Opening Day 2024

Game 1 awaits

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Tim Wakefield Was Once The Best Pitcher On The Planet

And don’t you forget it.

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OTM Open Thread 10/4: It is Wednesday

Loud and clear good buddy

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Tim Wakefield Was the Best of Us

This is heartbreaking.

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The Latest

Red Sox News & Links: The Search Begins

The Red Sox hope to begin interviews to replace Chaim Bloom this week

Red Sox 6, Orioles 1: Deja Vu

Tim Wakefield passes away at the age of 57

Absoultely heartbreaking.

Red Sox 2, Orioles 5: One to Go

Penultimate, adjective, last but one in a series of things; second last.

Dominoes Begin to Fall into Place

Cora to manage Sox in 2024; says Opening Day will be Sale Day

Captain’s Log - 9/27/23

Dear Diary... It’s over

Red Sox 0, Rays 5: Frustrating Fenway Finale

So much for finishing at home on a high note.

An Offseason of Consequence

As one roller coaster ends, another one begins.

Red Sox News & Links: So Long, Tito

Plus: Prospects, prospects, prospects

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Red Sox 7, Rays 9: Solidified As A Losing Team

This was not HOUCK it was supposed to go. Bad joke aside, maybe it was.

The Red Seat: Optimistic Offseason Preview

Jake, Keaton, and Bob begin their offseason preview attempting to improve the starting nine in 2024, position-by-position.

The Anatomy of An Inning: Don’t Give up on Mauricio Llovera

He may not be a lockdown closer, but don’t write the righty off just yet.

The Red Sox Did Not Play Tonight

And it was a relief.

Red Sox 2, White Sox 3: Slip-n-Slidin Down the Standings

Even these six innings feels like a microcosm of the last month.

Red Sox 3, White Sox 2: A Battle of Incompetence

Kim Ng for President (of Baseball Operations)

Thank you, John Tomase, for reading my mind — and now let’s amplify

Red Sox News & Links: A Season of Starting Pitching Disappointments

The starting pitching depth disappeared quickly in 2023, and should Brayan Bello only come out at night?

Minor Lines 9/20/23: Farm Imitates Life

Worcester is the only farm team still going. The game did not go well.

Losing is good!

For the next week and a half!

Red Sox 5, Rangers 15: The Return of Day Bello

Maybe Bello should only pitch at night.

Minor Lines 9/19: Greenville Wins Championship; WooSox Eliminated from Postseason Contention

Drive are champs for second time in franchise history!

Red Sox News & Links: State of the Organization

Plus, injuries and promos

Welcome To The Spoilers Club

The playoffs aren’t in sight, but we sure can cause some chaos.

The Red Seat Podcast: Bye, Bye Bloom

Jake, Keaton, and Bob discuss the end of the Chaim Bloom Era, look ahead to the search for the next GM, and discuss which players should be the core of the next great Red Sox team.

The Anatomy of An Inning: Chris Martin Closes the Door

Red Sox 4, Rangers 2: The Truman Show

The Red Sox are merely a social experiment, designed to shatter my sense of reality

Minor Lines 9/17/23: Portland Breaks Team Single-Game Run Record

Three wins for the farm, including a Championship Round victory for Greenville behind some remarkable pitching.

Monday Morning Brushback: Every New Beginning

The Red Sox week in review dives into Chaim Bloom’s pros, Chaim Bloom’s cons, and his ultimate legacy.

Red Sox 2, Blue Jays 3: Spain Without The S

That hurts.

The Bloom Era Is Over; Now, Let the Players Play

Why do you watch baseball?

Music To My Ears

Prayers really can be answered!

Red Sox 0, Blue Jays 3: Sigh

Bello good. Lineup bad.