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OTM Roundtable: David Ortiz memories

Gather around for some David Ortiz story sharing.

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FanPost Friday: Talking about David Ortiz

In whatever way you’d like.

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Red Sox Top Prospect Voting: Nick Yorke’s meteoric rise

From maligned first rounder to top 50 prospect in the blink of an eye.

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OTM Open Thread 1/28: It is Friday

The weekend

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Daily Red Sox Links: Katie Krall, Triston Casas, Chris Murphy

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Red Sox Trade Lookback: Jose Canseco traded back to Oakland for John Wasdin

Way back Wasdin, that is.

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The Latest

Michael Wacha shouldn’t be locked into the rotation

Unlike the other veterans around him, he should have to earn his spot in the rotation.

OTM Open Thread 1/27: It is Thursday

Daily Red Sox Links: David Ortiz, Wade Boggs, Manny Ramirez

New Shirt: Designated Hall of Famer

David Ortiz is getting his due, and BreakingT is celebrating.

Free Agent Lookback: Cody Ross

Cody Ross gave the Red Sox some fun in 2012, a season in which fun was hard to find.

A larger than life figure, David Ortiz represented many of the great little things in baseball

And made an incalculable impact on so many baseball fans in Boston and beyond.

OTM Open Thread 1/26: It is Wednesday

Hall of Papi

Daily Red Sox Links: David Ortiz, Dustin Pedroia, Roger Clemens

David Ortiz elected into the Hall of Fame on his first ballot

He is the lone inductee for this year’s class.

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Announcement: A new commenting system is coming to Over The Monster

Coming Thursday, comments will look different.

Red Sox Top Prospect Voting: Marcelo Mayer is the next big thing

Last summer’s first round pick is just getting started.

OTM Open Thread 1/25: It is Tuesday

Daily Red Sox Links: David Ortiz, Marcelo Mayer, Alex Binelas

Baseball Prospectus releases top 10 Red Sox prospect list

Another Red Sox prospect list.

Nathan Eovaldi is a third major extension candidate for the Red Sox

It’s not as pressing as it is for others on the roster, but it’s a question worth exploring.

OTM Open Thread 1/24: It is Monday

Quack quack quack

Daily Red Sox Links: Jonathan Papelbon, Tom Goodwin, Spring Training

The history of Red Sox showings in the Baseball America top 100 list

Using one measure of system quality.

OTM Open Thread 1/23: It is Sunday

Daily Red Sox Links: David Ortiz, Christian Arroyo, Jake Peavy

Free Agent Lookback: Steve Avery

It was worth a shot, but did not work out.

OTM Open Thread 1/22: It is Saturday

Winter is here

Over The Monster User Guide

Daily Red Sox Links: Marcelo Mayer, David Ortiz, Tanner Houck

Featured Fanshot

A look at the future!

A couple years to get really excited

OTM Roundtable: Hall of Fame voting

Who do we think should get in.

Sign up for FanPulse and make sure your voice is heard!

We want to know what you think!

FanPost Friday: Your Hall of Fame ballot

It’s that time of year.

Red Sox Top Prospect Voting: Triston Casas stays on top

In a system that saw plenty of changes last year, the top remains the same.

OTM Open Thread 1/21: It is Friday

Red Sox GIFs, Video, and Fun

Daily Red Sox Links: Jonathan Papelbon, David Ortiz, Rusney Castillo


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