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Red Sox News & Links: Sam Kennedy to Fans: Don’t Get Too Excited About Theo Epstein’s Return

Plus, more on the new Netflix doc.

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Los Angeles Angels v Boston Red Sox Photo by Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

Even though we weren’t quite sure what role Theo Epstein would play as a minority owner of Fenway Sports Group when his return was announced last week, it was understandable that people were excited. You didn’t have to search too hard through social media to find fans calling it the best thing to happen to the Red Sox since October 2018. So the Red Sox brass must have felt pretty good that, if nothing else, it got some people feeling good about the team again for the first time in a while.

. . . Which is why it’s downright bizarre that Sam Kennedy just spent the day throwing cold water on it. While meeting with the other MLB owners in Florida, Kennedy spoke extensively about Theo’s onboarding, with almost everything he said serving to downplay the whole thing.

First, he implied that Theo won’t even be here for very long:

[T]his is likely a step, maybe a short-term step, along the way to something bigger and better . . . I could see him going on to own and operate a baseball franchise in another market. I could see him going into another industry.

Ok got it: so Theo is basically an intern, I guess. Although even interns are usually encouraged to put in some face time around the building:

He’s not physically in the office and he won’t be — he’s not going to be involved with any sort of day-to-day matters. Just more high-level consulting for me and for John [Henry] and Tom [Werner] and Mike [Gordon] and for the other [FSG] organizations.

Oh, well WFH certainly has changed how we all operate, hasn’t it? At least he can spend the next couple months helping to salvage this offseason.

He’s going to spend the next couple of months getting to know people from the other [FSG] organizations.

Ok, never mind.

(Michael Silverman, Boston Globe)

So I guess we won’t see much about Theo in the new Netflix doc. Here are some more details on the project, including the interesting note that it’s been in the works for three years and seems to have originated from the brain of Tom Werner. (Michael Silverman, Boston Globe)

We won’t be seeing Justin Turner in it, either, though he probably would’ve become one of the stars of the show. The one-year fan-favorite penned a emotional thanks to the Red Sox and the people of New England. (Chris Cotillo, MassLive)

With Turner gone, my money is on Triston Casas and Rafael Devers becoming big presences on camera. After all, they’re going to be counted on to carry the lineup. (Tim Crowley, NESN)

And maybe Brayan Bello can serve as their counterpart on the mound. The young starter is already in Fort Myers, working with new pitching coach Andrew Bailey. (Peter Abraham, Boston Globe)