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Red Sox News & Links: Farm System Rankings Season Is Upon Us

Plus, Sam Kennedy says stuff.

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We’ve had a few days now to digest the news that Theo Epstein will be joining Fenway Sports Group, but we don’t have much further clarity about what his role will be with respect to the Red Sox. At Truck Day yesterday, though, Sam Kennedy made it clear that he won’t be involved in the day-to-day operations of the club. Nevertheless, there’s a lot of hope that Theo’s experience and expertise will help. “Any time you have the opportunity to have a sure-fire, first ballot Hall of Famer in baseball be a part of your organization,” Kennedy said, “that’s a good thing.” Interesting thought, 2024 Sam Kennedy, perhaps you can pass that message along to 2020 Sam Kennedy! (Julian McWilliams, Boston Globe)

Jon Lester, for one, believes. The former Red Sox ace spoke to America’s Sweetheart, Bob Nightengale, and said the Sox are “too smart” to be down much longer. (Bob Nightengale, USA Today)

How long the team will be down for apparently depends on the development of the farm system, since the Sox have indicated that they won’t be involved in the major free agent market until the prospect pipeline starts delivering. Unfortunately, for as much as the Sox system has improved in recent years, most of the AL East teams are looking just as strong. (Alex Speier, Boston Globe)

So how do you feel about the current and future state of the club? The Athletic released a fan survey, and most people don’t feel too great. (Jen McCaffrey, The Athletic)

Would you feel better about the team if Tommy Pham was on it again? There’s at least a little smoke about Pham returning to Boston, though not as much as there even was about Jorge Soler or Teoscar Hernandez, so don’t get your hopes(?) up. (Adam London, NESN)