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OTM Open Thread 2/1: It is Thursday

Welcome to February!

New York Yankees v Boston Red Sox Photo by Omar Rawlings/Getty Images

Happy Thursday.

We’re in February now. In a few weeks all the players will be in Florida doing drills, taking pitches, throwing from a mound. Possibly winning starting jobs..although the Red Sox roster is mostly set in that regard unless there’s a big move. Could Vaughn Grissom not open the season at second base? Sure, I guess. Maybe Ceddanne Rafaela forces the issue. But, more likely, the pressure will be on the relievers top see who lands in the ’pen and who slots into the back of the rotation. Will Garrett Whitlock have just one role this year?

Whoever voted for 100s, we’d all like whatever you’re drinking.

Talk about what you want and be good to one another.