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The Red Sox Are Done Dealing in Delusion, And You Should Be Too

There’s no need to shift blame for the last four years. Everyone’s at fault.

Miami Marlins v Boston Red Sox
Not my favorite Red Sox employees, TBH.
Photo by Paul Rutherford/Getty Images

It is probably not surprising that non-Red Sox-affiliated Chaim Blooms stans remain non-Red Sox-affiliated Chaim Bloom stans, and, in the wake of an announcement that Bloom got hired by the Cardinals, it’s probably not surprising that the same people overplayed their hands in showing how committed they are to the bit:

Obviously, Bloom was not a good GM, but that’s a minor quibble. More pointedly, minus some idiots, I dunno who thinks that he’d be bad in an advisory role. My Spidey-senses say Bloom’s new job is water finding its own level? That’s the simplest explanation, but perhaps I’m too simple to realize how, ahem, “Chaim was never the problem” and that “maybe people will realize that soon.” If so, I’m guilty as charged.

Thankfully, I’m innocent, and if we’re ranking problems? Cool. First might be Henry’s insistence on getting under the luxury tax for very public non-Red Sox and non-baseball related reasons. Second might be pretty much everything Bloom did with that information. But you could easily argue the opposite: Henry created a framework and Bloom fell on his face in that framework in a way Craig Breslow almost certainly will not. Whatever Bloom does from here on out, he tanked the Red Sox for three of four season following a historically great 2018, and the 2024 roster doesn’t have that much to show for it. Truly. Whatever you think they/we have, they/we don’t. They/we just dont.

Yes, the minor league system is ranked fairly high, and Bloom gets the credit, but I am not sure what anyone in his place might have done differently short of not trying the Nick Yorke round 1 gambit. Marcelo Mayer fell to them. Kyle Teal fell to them. Blaze Jordan, the high-priced third-rounder to pair with Yorke, seems a 50/50 proposition to make or stick in the majors. Mind you, they even drafted a second-rounder who didn’t even sign. Just a total waste of a pick, and yeah, shit happens, but Bloom’s draft case is paper-thin. If you don’t trade your prospects and you pick fairly high, your farm system will improve simply as a matter of math. There’s no added value here. It doesn’t exist.

By contrast, the Breslow era hasn’t been too long but it’s already clear that filling out the Major League roster is a priority. I’m going to repeat that — in contrast with the Bloom regime: filling out the Major League roster is a priority. One more time: filling out the Major League roster is a priority. Christ on a stick, what a concept! It’s like having good players helps everyone!

Ultimately the Clegg nonsense and its enabling is all just take-bait, and I obviously have a belly full of it, but sometimes I can’t resist. What can I say? Bait works! But to be clear, if people in your menchies are saying Bloom is an idiot, that’s a problem for your menchies. Obviously, he is not an idiot. Just as obviously, he was not a good GM. He might yet be. The odds are probably better than they are bad. But it’s baseball. It’ll surprise you. If you’re not willing to be suprised, and not willing to learn, what’s the point in following this sport?*

* (outside of the pants, bc everyone loves butts)