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A Peek Into Lucas Giolito’s Online Peak

Lucas Giolito has some online history that’s worth checking out.

Detroit Tigers v Chicago White Sox Photo by Ron Vesely/Getty Images

Lucas Giolito’s online history has a theme in common with recent Red Sox history. Don’t worry! It’s not what you might think when you first read that. Instead, Giolito’s tweets from a decade or so ago are incredibly wholesome and amusing.

Giolito, much like the Red Sox themself, is a former star who lost his shine. Just as it’s often more fun to reminisce about Red Sox history from a decade or two ago than to look at the current roster, you’re also more likely to be in a good mood if you scroll through Giolito’s old tweets as opposed to his recent game logs.

Here’s just ten of my favorite posts from him:

We have to start here as Giolito is undoubtedly referring to this scene in the image below where David Ortiz is celebrating the 2013 World Series championship with a big Boston flag. When you win three of these things, you comes prepared!

It also seems like Giolito was pretty happy to see the Sox win that one, which, while it doesn’t really matter now is pretty sweet!

MLB: World Series-St. Louis Cardinals at Boston Red Sox Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY

Next up, we have teenage Giolito enjoying the simpler things in life.

Moving to entertainment, animated movies seem to be very popular with Giolito. These two tweets came just eight days apart back in 2013.

He also apparently really likes fish. Didn’t see any reviews for Finding Nemo though.

On TV, he gave three big thumbs up to Stranger Things, but questioned the validity of the plot.

I hear Joe Keery is a Red Sox fan. Perhaps they could have a discussion.

Chicago White Sox v Boston Red Sox Photo by Kathryn Riley/Getty Images

In early February 2014, Giolito had quite the week! He saw both the Book of Mormon and an NBA game.

We need to find footage! It happened during this Raptors vs. Clippers game.

Giolito also genuinely seems to enjoy the little things in life, as evidenced by this joyful game of Uno amongst friends. Hi, Nick Pivetta!

Lastly, he just seems to really love baseball. His reaction after the 2015 LDS, which saw three of the four series go their maximum five games, was probably the same as any other passionate baseball fan.

In the end, he’s just a really easy guy to root for.

And I guess that’s fitting for a pitcher who once upon a time was a beacon of hope; residing near or at the top of both national and Nationals’ prosect charts for multiple years running. With a devastating and controllable fastball/curveball combination, Giolito seemed destined to be that last piece Washington needed to push the already amazing core of Max Scherzer, Stephen Strasburg, Bryce Harper, Anthony Rendon and Trea Turner over the top and towards a championship.

Instead, the bloom came off the rose soon after he got packaged in the Adam Eaton deal that ultimately did help the Nats get their ring a few years later. Giolito meanwhile became a good, not great, pitcher with the White Sox. But much like their franchise, converted into being perpetually underwhelming with time.

So, in the end, we’re left with a guy who is more like the Red Sox. A former heavyweight trying to regain that old magic. At a slightly different intersection of time and events, Giolito would be an instant rockstar in Boston! His talent ceiling, presence on the mound, and charming personality would ensure all his starts rise to the level of appointment viewing across New England. It’s not the reality we live in, but it’s a reality I wish we lived in.

It’s still technically possible as a future reality, I guess. The bedrock of the rabid Red Sox fanbase remains solid (although dormant) underneath the ownership malaise, and Giolito himself still possesses the capability to truly unlock his ceiling and have the best years of his career in his thirties as opposed to his twenties. If it all goes right, Giolito start days could be utopia!

But unfortunately, that’s not the most likely scenario. For now, and I can’t believe I’m typing this, you’re probably better off just reading his old tweets.