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Red Sox 7 Rays 3: A Labor of Love Ends In Victory

Triston Casas & Co. showed out on Labor Day.

Boston Red Sox v Kansas City Royals
The boi.
Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

It’s Labor Day! The Red Sox, losers of 13 straight in St. Pete, tried to get anything going in early September against Aaron “Cy” Civale with Brayan Bello on the mound in a (gasp!) day game.

Civale plowed through the Sox in the first, then the Rays led off with a single before Bello gave up another baserunner and a double steal to bring up Brandon Lowe with men on second and third. He singled to make it 2-0, because why the fuck not? Things have been shit recently and continue to be. I blame society. Harold Ramírez followed up with a double to make it 3-0, but he got thrown out going to third, so hooray?

The Sox went quietly in the second, at which point you knew it was going to be That Type of Game, but you were at a cookout, so who cares? The season has been over for a while.

Anyhow, Rafael Devers walked in the top of the fourth to end the perfect game, which, I mean, small miracle. He’d end up scoring on an RBI single by a damn Duvall to make it 3-1 and make it first and second with two outs. Then Masa Yoshida struck out looking.

Anyhow, whatever, who cares? Getting back to the game and all... some stuff happened... and then Triston Casas gave the Red Sox a lead in the sixth with a three-run homer off Chris Devenski!

The Sox got through the bottom of the seventh unscathed, and they looked victory straight in the eye and said: yeah that’s me, bitch! The Sox (barely) got an insurance run courtesy of Casas in the top of the eighth:

And then.. AND THEN.. Masa did the fuckin’ thing:

That’s what’s up. 7-3 Sox in the eighth. What a game, right? After that almost nothing happened, except I folded my kids’ clothes. Which is the best way for a game to end. The Sox stayed in it for another day. Which, whee?