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Red Sox News & Links: A Season of Starting Pitching Disappointments

The starting pitching depth disappeared quickly in 2023, and should Brayan Bello only come out at night?

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Baltimore Orioles v Boston Red Sox Photo by Richard T Gagnon/Getty Images

Red Sox starters have fallen short of going five innings on 57 occasions this year, with Brayan Bello’s performance on Wednesday being the latest. Chad Jennings asks, and answers, how did a team with this much starting pitching depth on paper end up so thin at starting pitcher in 2023? (Chad Jennings, The Athletic)

Speaking of Bello’s short performance, Jake Reiser wrote in the OTM recap yesterday about “The Return of Day Bello.” Over on Mass Live, Chris Cotillo chronicled Bello’s postgame comments on his home and road discrepancy. Alex Cora and Bello are both perplexed by the issue. Bello should consider “We Only Come Out At Night” by The Smashing Pumpkins as his entrance music at Fenway. (Chris Cotillo, Mass Live)

With one year remaining on his contract, it would be great to see Alex Cora in the dugout next year with a strong Major League roster to work with. With Gresh and Fauria yesterday, Cora said, “We have to improve in a lot of areas as far as the big league roster. There’s a lot of good things that are happening. There’s a lot of good things that are happening in player development. But at the end of the day, as you guys know, up here is where it really counts. And the last few years we haven’t done a good job putting this team to the next level. … We have to improve in a lot of things.” (@GreshFauriaWEEI, Twitter/X)

Cora also went on Cotillo’s podcast to discuss his future. Without getting too in-depth, Cora plans to manage next year but as Cotillo says, “in all likelihood, Alex Cora is closer to the end of his time as manager of the Red Sox than the beginning.” (Chris Cotillo, Mass Live)

According to Baseball America, Wilyer Abreu was voted as having the best strike zone judgment and outfield arm strength in the International League by Triple-A league managers. Mac Cerullo asks if Abreu could be considered for a bench spot or even compete for a starting outfielder role next year if Alex Verdugo is traded. (Mac Cerullo, Boston Herald)