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Talking Red Sox Prospects with Chris Clegg

Chris Clegg from The Toolshed Podcast and The Dynasty Dugout website joined Bob and Jake to talk about the 40+ games he has attended scouting the top Red Sox prospects with the Greenville Drive this season.

Baltimore Orioles v Boston Red Sox Photo by Rich Gagnon/Getty Images

Welcome back to The Red Seat Podcast, episode number 295. This week, Jake Devereaux and Bob Osgood are joined by Chris Clegg (@RotoClegg on Twitter). Chris is the co-host of the Toolshed Podcast and the founder of The Dynasty Dugout, a website that covers prospects from both a real-life and fantasy baseball perspective. He is also a finalist for the IBWAA Baseball Writer of the Year award.

Chris has been to over 40 games this year scouting the Greenville Drive, the high-A affiliate for the Red Sox, located in South Carolina. We opened the show by talking about some live looks that he got for 20-year-old catcher Kyle Teel and 19-year-old outfielder Roman Anthony before their recent promotions to Portland. How aggressive were these promotions and might we see Teel in Boston during the 2024 season? We also discussed Teel’s “pop time”, which is already on a major league level.

Marcelo Mayer is out for the season with a shoulder injury that Mayer says was sustained back in May. Clegg got his looks at Mayer in Greenville before the injury but has been underwhelmed by the bat, despite his excellent glove, and no longer has him ranked as his #1 prospect in the Red Sox system.

In 2022, Chris was the first on the scene promoting newest Red Sox call-up Ceddanne Rafaela, when he arrived in Greenville. A look back at a throw that Rafaela made in April of last year.

From the pitching side, we discussed the three most notable starting pitchers that currently are at High-A: Luis Perales, Yordanny Monegro, and Wikelman Gonzalez. An in-person look at Perales from a week ago, who Clegg is highest on of the three, due to concerns that Gonzalez could be a reliever in the long-term.

We closed the show talking about some young hitters, including 1B/3B Blaze Jordan, 2B/SS Brainer Bonaci, and OF Allan Castro, a bit of a pop-up prospect this year. Greenville will start their three-game playoff series against the Hickory Crawdads on Tuesday night.

If you have a question for an upcoming Red Seat pod, you can email us at or tweet us. On Twitter, Jake is @DevJake, Keaton is @TheSpokenKeats and Bob is @BobOsgood15. Thanks for listening!